How to Strap a GoPro to Your Dog and Capture Their Antics

Being a dog lover and person that runs a dog charity on the side, I am always curious as to what my rescue Pit Bull / Boxer Emma does when I leave the house. I always imagine that she just sleeps in my bed, but my family tells me she cries and stares at the door when I leave town. After seeing this first video, I've decided I will be strapping a camera to her to see what she does. Read below to see how you can too!

I've been fascinated about this concept of filming from a dog's perspective ever since I set up a simple security camera system in my house to watch my old Boxer, Winston. He was getting into the trash and was trying to figure out a solution on how to best keep him from breaking into the kitchen. Sneaky boy. The funniest part, though, was the fact that he would literally stare at either the wall or the camera half the time in silence. I always wondered what he was thinking...

There are a few solutions to attach a GoPro safely to your dog. I started to try and figure out some homemade options, but I soon discovered this great site which offered everything I would need:

Product example from the Dog Collar Cam site. Securing a GoPro to your dog's back

Their camera collar option offers numerous options ranging from camera collar attachments to dog jackets that mount the GoPro to the top of your pet's back. As an added bonus, the site donates a dollar from each sale to animal rescue groups.

I'll be posting again soon about Emma's camera-dog efforts. In the meantime, post any of your animal filming POV videos in the comments below.

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I've been playing with the GoPro "Fetch" mount with my dogs. Heres one of the videos I did. I wish the camera would have been on tighter.

Easily the most underutilized gear in my small collection, the GoPro. I picked one up when my son was born to play with and essentially use to catch some fun angles and action of him when he grew up. I use it maybe once every few months. This is awesome and a reminder I need to get more creative with mine and get it some use! Thanks man

As noted by Johnathan above, GoPro now has a "Fetch" harness specifically for this use. It allows a camera mounted on the dog's back, and/or under his chest.