Photographer Captures Python Consuming Entire Crocodile in One Go

Photographer Captures Python Consuming Entire Crocodile in One Go

A new set of photos released by a wildlife rescue center in Western Australia shows a python incredibly eating a freshwater crocodile whole. The collection of images detail the drama from start to finish, with the outline of the croc evident inside its predator’s body.

The images come courtesy of non-profit GG Wildlife Rescue Inc., based in WA, and were taken near Mount Isa, Queensland, by kayaker Martin Muller. The olive python (Liasis olivaceus) is seen stretching its mouth around the entirety of the Australian freshwater crocodile (Crocodylus johnstoni).

Pythons are well known for being ambitious when it comes to meal time. Other incidents recorded in Australia have seen them eat deer larger than themselves, impalas, prickly porcupines, alligators, and on occasion even humans.

The olive python, native to Australia, can grow to up to 13 feet (4 meters) long, and clashes between the species and freshwater crocodiles are common. In another reported case from 2014, an olive python was filmed eating a crocodile over a period of five hours, with the snake slowly stretching its jaws around the constricted croc.

As for the technicalities, it’s thanks to their elastic jaws that these reptiles are able to accommodate such large meals. With their prey subdued, they compress their muscles while using their jaws to hang onto it. Some species can even increase the size of their internal organs to handle the influx of calories. Probably best to use a telephoto lens when photographing these bad boys!

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Rod Kestel's picture

Urk. The python was next seen swallowing a container load of antacids.

That's a bit cheeky of you to lead the story with a photo of a saltwater croc. They are much bigger, and even a python will not manage one of those. Also pythons aren't marine animals.

From Rod, currently in WA having dodge crocs and pythons, but it was close.

Timothy Gasper's picture

Remember the clown who was going to let an anaconda swallow him and record it? He should look for this python.

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

I don't think he realizes, these snakes will make sure their food is dead before swallowing. When there's no longer any breathing or heartbeat, then they eat 'ya.

Timothy Gasper's picture

And I don't even know if a snake would WANT to eat a human.

Timothy Gasper's picture

Well I'll just stay away from them...all of them. Bon apetit

Deleted Account's picture

Person with a camera phone grabs snaps for tabloid attention.

Slow news day.

Rich Foley's picture

You willingly clicked on the story just to complain. Freedom of choice really is a pain in the butt isn’t it?

Deleted Account's picture

Wasn’t a complaint, just a correction. Same freedom of choice you wasted reacting to me I guess. 😉

Rich Foley's picture

You’re not a waste of time Rob, you’re worth it! Lol

Simon Davies's picture

Jesus. Just why. Eat something else dude!

Chris Parks's picture

I have to agree with Rod Kestel. The lead photo is a salt water Croc ( Booldy Big Monsters ). The one the python is taking is a much smaller and far less aggressive fresh water Croc. They have a much narrower snout and scurry away from you.

The Salties line you up and if you're silly or not taking the warning notices very seriously in that part of the world, it would be a very nasty way to go.

Rod Kestel's picture

Yeah, we lose the occasional tourist.
I know someone - who knew someone that was pulled out of her canoe by a salty. Then a desperate scramble up a muddy bank where it grabbed her again.She survived but with horrific injuries.

Ed C's picture

Should have stayed longer. I heard the python pooped out a pair of awesome croc boots

Erpillar Bendy's picture

That's fast food. Literally fast on its feet. For a python, it's a Happy Meal. :)

Mark Slater's picture

Talk about pathetic journalism, not only is the main image deceiving but the comment "Other incidents recorded in Australia have seen them eat deer larger than themselves, impalas, prickly porcupines, alligators, and on occasion even humans." is absurd. Australia does NOT have impalas, porcupines or alligators and our pythons are not big enough to consume humans.