Photographer Shoots Underwater Glamour Pictures With Crocodiles and No Safety Gear

Thought you’d heard it all when it comes to dangerous shooting scenarios? Think again. The New York Post has released video footage of a photographer and model partaking in an “underwater glamour” photoshoot alongside crocodiles.

Specializing in underwater shoots which involve both humans and sea life, Photographer Ken Kiefer took his wife and two other models into the water of the Chinchorro Banks in Mexico — renowned for being inhabited by crocs — in order to snap some pictures for a new shoot of his.

The concept was to be a glamour shoot, shot underwater and featuring the adult reptiles. The team used lionfish in order to bait the crocodiles towards the human subjects for a shot, with safety divers on hand to protect the crew. However, the models were simply wearing the dresses they were being photographed in, with no further safety gear present.

The 45-second video above gives you further insight into exactly what went down. It clearly illustrates just how close the models were to the crocs, and it looks like a mere few inches. Take a look at the clip and let us know what you think. Given how notorious and unpredictable these animals are, was it worth the risk? Could the crocs instead have been added in during post-production?

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I am a SCUBA instructor and Prosumer U/W shooter. The clip is very unsettling. The photographer has a duty to provide for the safety of the personnel on the shoot. We know how to protect models who are not using SCUBA gear. We know how to protect from wildlife encounters. Those protections are not evident in the clip. I urge fstoppers to invite the photographer to comment so we can more clearly understand this shoot.

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Agreed Neal. As a PADI Master Diver/Instructor, we've probably both spent time in areas diving and teaching the perils of locations and the fellows that live in each place. This is one of those moments in time (captured no less) that a person with a few years and experience under their belts has to wonder WHY would someone do this. Unfortunately, there is no stupid license required until after an event takes place... And then they start a 'GoFundMe page

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This is one of those cases where I wouldn't feel sorry if someone lost an arm. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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Next month story : underwater photographer becomes a widower after making his wife take unnecessary risks with crocodiles.

I don't even know how you can let people you love get so close to danger for no reason, let alone encouraging them to do so…

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safety divers ? by that do you mean "the guys that will gather up the pieces that the crocs left"? if those crocs wanted to clamp down on a hand or head there is nothing a diver could do. and once it spins ? done. another case of someone doing something for publicity.

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I didn't think anything could top the stupidity of flying a drone next to an A380 on takeoff but here we are

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Apparently you were very wrong :-). And thanks to social platform I am sure someone will surprise you with even more imbecilic photo shoot.

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Lool, "brave models"

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I don’t even want to watch the video, there is no point in this shoot. Wild animals and one slip up, it’s been seen many times what happens.

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Frankly, I think they should be fined for potentially endangering the life of one or more persons.

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Glamour shoot or glamour food? Seriously? How stupid people can be? That's what "social" platform help create, idiots who want to impress.

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It sounds extremely dangerous! We don’t know what kind of precautions were taken to safeguard everyone involved, however if this this was done irresponsibly they should be harshly prosecuted.

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Mental. Something is going on with instagram likes and comments, the stats are around the wrong way! Some weird bug.

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What an idiotic, dangerous stunt for an end result that looks pretty terrible. This guy's whole feed looks schlocky.

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Cool concept and the one image at the end of the video looks good. Talk about originality. A bit risky but that's the beauty of personal choice...they chose it, I might not :)

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This is not about photography, its about an egomaniacal guy.

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In my mind it wasn't worth the risk at all. I can't imagine EVER letting my own wife be so close to a creature that could kill her in an instant just for a shoot. That's not to say I never take risks in my work, but when it comes to Crocodiles you can count me right out.

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Giving a whole new definition to positioning a model for a "killer" shot. Do a few more of these Mike and you're very likely going to end up with a dead model.

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This is just NO. No, no, no! Endangering wildlife for no reason... Guess what happens to the crocodile if they do a "stupid" move like attacking a human? They get killed! And shame on this site for giving credit to such stupidity. That's how you encourage other people to do something equally stupid just for a shot.

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"Safety divers were also present to protect the models". How exactly do you protect someone against an alligator? Please, enlighten me!

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Because it had to be shot in one take. It's not like there are tools that could magically merge two separate images together...