Beauty Industry Influencers Team Up to Fight Animal Cruelty

Beauty Industry Influencers Team Up to Fight Animal Cruelty

Los Angeles-based Makeup Artist Courtney Hagen and Beauty Photographer Beth Sternbaum have teamed up to create a cruelty-free beauty blog featuring adoptable animals. The blog, Beauty & Our Beasts, promotes the cruelty-free beauty by providing shopping resources and brings the issue of animal adoption to the forefront.

Beauty & Our Beasts shows consumers just how glamorous cruelty-free can be with beauty campaign style images, featuring Hagen’s clean, colorful makeup looks and Sternbaum’s fresh editorial photography. The duo create wearable, stunning looks with only cruelty-free makeup, and they give readers options to make cruelty-free beauty a part of their lives. “As consumers, we don’t realize the amount of choices we have when it comes to shopping cruelty-free. Flawless makeup doesn’t have to be sacrificed when making ethical choices in beauty. We don’t have to choose between quality and a clear conscience,” says Hagen.

Photographer Beth Sternbaum capturing beauty image of model Katty Ukhanova. Makeup by Courtney Hagen and hair by Valene Del Rosario.

Model Katty Ukhanova holding a month-old bunny who is available for adoption.

Beth Sternbaum photo of model Lucy McIntosh and the hands of makeup artist Courtney Hagen and hairstylist Valene Del Rosario.

By using the power of beauty, Beauty & Our Beasts also draws attention to animals in need of adoption. Each blog post features editorial beauty images with a fashion model holding an animal currently up for adoption. The photos are accompanied with information about the animal in the photo and adoption details and contact information for readers who are interested in rescuing the dog, cat, or even rabbit.

Images used with permission of Beauty & Our Beasts.

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Anonymous's picture

I understand why some companies test on animals but never knew there was an alternative. I'm glad you brought this to our attention although I have very little opportunity to pass along the information. I am curious, though, why someone didn't get their thumb chopped off for putting it on one of the color target swatches. ;-)

Emmanuel Vivier's picture

Apparently any company wanting to enter the Chinese market has to go through compulsory animal testing to be allowed to trade there... So many brands are in the complicated position of proclaiming (no animal testing*) *but in China. Not by choice but by law, or they have to forget the giant growing Chinese market...

Nathan Balavoine's picture

I'm a photographer but I made all my make-up myself (not really beauty but SFX and some kind of horror make-up)
I post a message last week to say that all my make-up product are cruelty-free and some are vegan.
I try to avoid fur and leather (fake is enought good for photography).

@emmanuel : Kryolan est CF (cruelty-free) d après PETA et pourtant tu en trouveras en Chine.
(Kryolan is CF (find on PETA website) and sell product in China.)