Watch a Professional Bird Photographer Edit Their Images in Real Time

Looking to step up your bird photography? Take a look at how a professional edits their images to get the best out of them.

Through watching bird photographer Ray Hennessy at work inside Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, we gain a much higher level of understanding on what to look out for and how to fine tune our own images. One of the key problems that beginners have while editing their photos is that they don’t always know all the ways they should be judging and questioning their work. They may not realize the full potential of their post-processing tools and how they could drastically improve an image. Even for people like me who’ve edited thousands of bird images can pick up something new by watching someone else’s process. Seeing a full beginning-to-end editing process with commentary from a bird photography master is invaluable to learn from.

If you find a moment, I suggest watching several of these. Each image has its own issues to be worked on, so you may not see every editing trick used every single time. Above I’ve embedded Hennessy’s latest video, and below a couple more.

As of this writing there are 56 real-time editing videos published on his YouTube playlist, so get cracking.

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Herbert Ferreira's picture

Very good!!

Eddy Waddel's picture

I don't do wildlife ..but some good action and tips..for my street thank you

Ziggy Stardust's picture

Useful. Thanks.