'I Hardly Know Her' Is a Minimalist Flickr Photostream Viewer

'I Hardly Know Her' Is a Minimalist Flickr Photostream Viewer

With the constant design changes happening on Flickr, do you ever wish you could forgo all of the complexity when viewing or sharing your gallery? With I Hardly Know Her (IHKH), your images take center stage in this extremely minimalist Flickr viewer.

To use the service, simply take your Flickr username and add it to the end of IHKH’s URL: ihardlyknowher.com/yournamehere. Here is what my photostream looks like. By default, your photos are displayed centered in a single column on a plain white background. There are a couple settings you are able to adjust if you authenticate IHKH with Flickr, including changing the background color to black and a choice of displaying large or medium-sized photos. Flickr photo set lists are also retrievable by adding "/sets" after your username (e.g. ihardlyknowher.com/yournamehere/sets). Adding another slash and the set number or the name of the set will give you access to display photos within it.

For the Flickr lovers out there, being able to give out a link that simply displays your images without having to navigate page after page is a great idea in many situations.

Creater Justin Ouellette offers a brief FAQ page for questions you may have about his Flickr application.

[via Reddit]

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Dan Ostergren's picture

Interesting service.

On another note, your photos are beautiful.

Ryan Mense's picture

Aw shucks. Thanks Daniel!