Instagram Introduces Ability to Archive Photos and Videos

Instagram Introduces Ability to Archive Photos and Videos

As Instagram continues to evolve as a platform serious photographers use to showcase their work and gain new clients, the app continues to introduce features that make those tasks more easily accomplished. Starting today, users can archive posts, making them viewable only to themselves.

I can certainly see this being a useful capability. As our abilities grow and our tastes change, we swap photos and videos in and out of our portfolios to match. The only option for doing this on Instagram used to be deleting the post, which removed all likes, comments, and any trace of its existence. Now, users can archive them simply by clicking the three-dot menu at the top right corner of the post and selecting "Archive." The user's profile page will now have a clock icon at the top right that will reveal all archived photos and videos and will give the option to reinstate any of them. Since likes can indicate a user's success on the platform and (for worse or better) often factor into potential clients selecting a photographer, the ability to reinstate old posts when needed is a nice level of granular control. It's also a great way to review old work that you no longer wish to share publicly. I'm already using it myself. 

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Perfect. Been wanting to clear out the old stuff but don't want to delete it for posterity.