New iPad App Kredo Presents and Shares Your Digital Portfolio

Branching off from their web-based portfolio service, Format has launched a free iPad app named Kredo. The app allows users to add and organize their images into portfolios, exhibit portfolios to clients in a sleek-looking presentation, publish their work to the Kredo Discover network, or share their portfolios with anyone else on any device with optional password protection. While up against the trusty tactile printed portfolio and other digital portfolio services, the unique features and dark, minimalist layout may be something worth testing out.

At the base of Kredo is the portfolio. You can create individual projects to organize your portfolio and add images to them in a variety of ways such as choosing off of Dropbox, the iPad device’s Photo Library, or from your existing Format portfolio. Once your images are loaded into your portfolio, you can share these photos in a presentation format to someone at your location or share projects through Facebook, Twitter, email, or the Kredo Discover network.

Kredo presentations can be used as an alternative to printed portfolios.

Portfolio projects can be shared to anyone and viewed by anyone, even on desktops. You can also password protect your projects to keep your work secure.

The Kredo Discover network is where you can share projects and interact with fellow creatives or potential clients. As a creative director, it is also where you can find specific talent. To make searches more productive, Kredo CEO Lukas Dryja says, “Creative talent can be quickly discovered by defining criteria like geographic location or industry.” So while you may want to just use the app locally as a means of easy presentation, your work placed on the Discover network has potential to catch the attention from directors you haven’t even met up with yet.

Kredo Discover network

Kredo launches today and is available for free on the App Store.

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Need to drive home fast while it is free!! Nice app to use on the iPad!! Shame there's no Android version of it. Having this on the iPad and OnePlus One would be a great thing!!

/* Edit 7 hours later */

The app looks and feels fantastic. What grinds my gears now hehehe will it be this free in the near future? Or will we have to pay to be noticed? Other than that, looks clean and cool.

Thanks Paulo. We don't foresee any plans of charging users to promote their work. We believe great work deserves to be notices. Cheers from Format

Let's make some great pictures then!

I downloaded Kredo and tried to upload my 80 image portfolio. After 20 images I get an error that the free version has a 20 image limit, and after that you have to pay the membership fee. No way when you can get the same look from the Dropbox or Smugmug and tons of other apps at no cost. Deleted Kredo.

Thanks Scott. The work you publish on Kredo is online and thus hosted and backed up in the cloud. It can be shared and accessed anywhere online, even using a web browser. This unfortunately costs money. With the Kredo free version you can easily share up to 2 portfolio projects (10 works in each). For most, that's more than enough. For more demanding users we do need to provide a service that works and in turn is also costly to maintain. Thanks

It looks cool. But how is it different than having your own website, Bēhance, flickr, 500 px etc... Just curious

I guess, you don't need internet to show images on location (without wifi etc) ?

In that case, couldn't I just create various albums on my iPad and accomplish pretty much the same thing?

Thanks Alexander for the questions. Kredo is the grist online network enabling you to showcase your work remotely in very high quality. With other networks, the work you upload is usually compressed and resized. Kredo on the other hand provides really rich image quality which allows your potential clients to zoom in on the work by simply pinching the screen of the iPad. Some of the works shared on the Kredo Discover network are just brilliant in image quality is brilliant. Please test it out for yourself and let us know what you think. Cheers

Thanks Dom! I will check it out!