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VSCO CAM 3.5 for iOS 8 Now Available

VSCO CAM 3.5 for iOS 8 Now Available

The latest update to the wildly popular VSCO CAM camera app brings many long-requested features for mobile photographers. iOS 8 allows much greater camera control and VSCO has refined these tools to be useful for both pros and amateurs alike. These tools give mobile photographers the ability to acheive their desired results under situations that were previously difficult for auto-exposure and focus settings. 


Exposure compensation Balance backlighting or manipulate exposure for artistic effect, even while in manual shutter or ISO mode.

White balance Account for difficult lighting conditions and create a mood by controlling color temperature in every shot.

Manual focus Override auto-focus to capture desired detail on any item in frame.

ISO Specify your camera’s light sensitivity to control image quality.

Shutter speed Adjust your shutter speed to manipulate the clarity of your subject in any light.

Tutorials are available here.

Dylan Howell's picture

Dylan is one half of Dylan & Sara, wedding photographers based in Portland, Oregon. They are most widely known for their double exposures and landscape portraits. Recently named "Rising Stars of Wedding Photography" by Rangefinder Magazine. Details about their photography workshops can be found here: http://photocoterie.com/

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This is cool and offers photographers a much better camera experience than the old iPhone.

Great App I've been using it for a while now on my 4S.