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Cloud Spot: Changing the Way Photographers Share Images

Cloud Spot was created by full-time photographers who were tired of the available options for photo delivery. Nothing before truly placed the photographer's brand first and cut precious time off of their workflow. The goal was to beautifully display images in a branded and modern gallery, be super fast and easy for the photographer to share, and allow clients to easily download images sent directly in an email and/or in the galleries. After using Cloud Spot for the past few months, I can say that they've succeeded.

CineStill Releases Another Motion Picture Film Stock - 50 Daylight

CineStill released another motion picture film stock to the still photography world today, an ISO 50 film with a daylight white balance.

Using their "Premoval" process to remove the remjet coating on the film allows it to be developed by any C41 lab. With this new low ISO, fine grain, high resolution, ultra-sharp daylight balanced color film you can now shoot with the same coveted emulsion used by Hollywood directors and cinematographers in bright, high contrast daylight with wonderful results!

Interview with Stu Thomson | Director of Latest Danny Macaskill Video "The Ridge"

Trials cyclist Danny Macaskill released a new video featuring a ride through unthinkable terrain in his homeland of Scotland. The daring exploit took place on the Cuillin Ridge in the Isle of Skye, where the spectacular scenery alone is worth the price of admission. The beauty of the Scottish landscape, mixed with the technical and dangerous mountain bike riding is absolutely thrilling to watch. The pinnacle shot, where Danny climbs up a ridge with bike in tow, closes the film and solidifies Danny as a death defying badass. We reached out to the director of the film, Stu Thomson, to ask a few questions about the making of this project.

Leica 100 | A Tribute to the Past 100 Years of Images | NSFW

"Not every famous photograph was taken with a Leica. But they were all taken thanks to Leica."

The German camera brand on Wednesday unveiled this incredible new ad from Brazilian agency F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi celebrating the 100th anniversary of the first Leica camera and the opening of Leica Gallery São Paulo in November. The message is conveys is powerful, but is not exactly a humble one.

The Story of Harold Martin | POW 1942-1944 | Documentary by Samm Blake

A documentary about 97 year old Harold Martin, a Australian POW survivor from WW2, traveling back to the Burma Thai Death railway to find the grave sites of his fallen mates.

Photographer Samm Blake met Harold in her parents cafe, in the town of Albany, Western Australia. This started a multi-year project of filming, photographing, and performing audio interviews with Harold across the globe as he traced his story.

Schneider Announces Premium 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm for the DSLR

Schneider has just announced three beautiful new DSLR lenses for still photography. Their lenses have long been the gold standard in cinema glass and they're bringing that level of craftsmanship to these three manual focus lenses. The arms race towards ultimate optical performance is getting very interesting. The latest full frame digital sensors are finally starting to push lens design's limits and these should be near the top performing lenses available when they release.

Olympus Announces New PEN E-PL7 "Selfie-King"

Olympus announced the successor to the successful micro four thirds E-PL5, creatively named the E-PL7. It has a few new features that MFT photographers will like, but the flip down screen will be getting most of the attention. Olympus designed the screen with optimal selfie composition in mind. The styling of the camera screams "vintage modern," the oxymoron of choice for many camera makers in that market.