Paris Through Pentax | Behind the Scenes

Mathieu Maury and Antoine Pai are two photography and filmmaking enthusiast who decided to launch a production and advertising company called Maison Carnot. They are passionate about finding new subjects and ways to explore what surrounds them. Based on this philosophy, they came up with the short film "Paris through Pentax".

Through the viewfinder images always seem to catch the eye and this video is no exception. The beauty of Parisian life is shown from start to finish. Here is a short interview with them to see how and why the film was made. From Antoine: 

It's actually quite a funny story, Mathieu passed by my place with the Pentax 67 and almost the same day I received the Blackmagic pocket camera and it just seemed obvious to us when the two cameras were lying together on the table. The depth and beauty from the Pentax is just hypnotizing. So, after some DIY brainstorming we ended up with the right set up.

This short film is shot in a few of the best spots around Paris, they cleverly used a mix of famous and not-so famous locations. Watching this film, it is quickly evident that there is a decent amount of dynamic range in the scenes - great use of the Black Magic Pocket camera's capabilities. They also created a wooden jig to hold the camera and black paper covered flag to get rid of any reflections or flares. This resulted in a relatively inexpensive setup that created expensive looking high-end finished product. When DIY is done right, you don't know it's DIY. Enjoy this quick trip around Paris.

Maison Carnon around the web: Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo.

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This is so awesome! I've always thought life looks better through a viewfinder and this proves it! Welcome to the team guys!

Very very very cool. Simple, elegant and freaking amazing! Great video!

Those who have a MF knows that life looks like a movie through the viewfinder ! I love to take some pictures with a micro nikkor through my mamiya :) Always a success !
A great video !

so damn beautiful! just a picture I had in mind. The guy with the skateboard. camera pan to the right but the picture went to the left! :)

I don't know if you're asking but for those who wonder, all reflex cameras equipped with a waist-level finder do this. The image is the right side-up but inverted left to right since no pentaprism is installed. BTW, amazing video, thanks.

yeah .. that's right! how could I forget! :)

Should not even be the picture upside down?


Nice to mix film and digital.
Why they don't develop a camera allowing both?
...white magic

Very nice work! I've been wanting to do this with my Hasselblad for some time. But you actually did, really nice. Good job on the rig as well!