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Paris In Motion: A Tour de Force of Various Timelapse Techniques Set in the City of Light

Check out this way-cool timelapse video by Mayeul Akpovi. Set in Paris, Mayeul used a number of interesting techniques to add an incredible range of motion to a timelapse video. Add in a variety of twilight and dusk scenes, and the city comes to life in a way that I haven't seen before. This video reminds me of one of our most popular posts of all time, "Can Anyone Figure Out How This Timelapse Was Filmed?" Let us know how you think Mayeul did it!

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Elliott Montello's picture

Segway maybe? But aside from the wobbly moving TS shots, his static TS shots wernt anything special.

moving tripod.

Daf's picture

I think Mayel's are all within easy reach of the ground - so could just be some form of dolly - either moved manually with precision or something like a Kessler timelapse motor or cheaper telescope motor. Not all the motions are perfect.

The T-Recs one - my guess would be something like a zip-line between two masts/tall stands - and again a V slow motor controlling ascent/descent. Mind you - think a couple pan or tilt at the same time - a bit mor difficult - but again those seem to be with reach of the ground.

President_Putin's picture

How are the moving shots made? Glidecam? Dolly? Or maybe just handheld and aligned?

Mayeul Akpovi's picture

I move the camera with a Benro tripod after each shot.

President_Putin's picture

Oh, in the end its always an old well proven technique! Great job

Carsten Schlipf's picture

I'd say they had mounted a tripod on a platform that is driven by a motor.

Edgar Pereira's picture

Absolutely immense and inspiring, love the way it looks like the camera is just picked up and moved along through some of the scenes..amazing work..

Tam Nguyen's picture

Look up "hyperlapse" on Google.

John King's picture

I hope he licensed the rights to the Eiffel Tower at night when it's lights were on :)

Mayeul Akpovi's picture

This is not for commercial use, just artistic. And the copyright of the illuminations of the Eiffel Tower at night have been mentioned in the end credits. It's still good to know for those who do not know it yet.

Rebecca Britt's picture

I really really love the way this looks and now has me wanting to try this. :)

Mayeul Akpovi's picture

Thanks Rebecca :). Don't hesitate to share with me your first tests ;)

Norm Cooper's picture

very well done - are they HDR images?  what was your total image count for the project?

Mayeul Akpovi's picture

Thanks. This isn't HDR images, this is a traiment in post-production. There were 3,000 images for this project.

Martin Orozco's picture

Fantastic work Mayeul!!!

Mayeul Akpovi's picture

Thank you so much Martin

Mike Thacker's picture

I've just returned from photograohing Paris and this was inspiring.

Kirill Neiezhmakov's picture

Hi! Watch my hyperlapse