Canon EOS-1D C Price Drops to $7999

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Canon's flagship DSLR video body, the EOS-1D C, had its price slashed by the huge sum of $4,000 yesterday. The 4K shooting machine was selling for $11,999 since its release date two years ago. Recent price changes went into effect in Hong Kong two weeks ago and then North America starting February 1.

This could very well be a sign of a revamped Canon cinema lineup to be announced in the near future, or merely a pricing adjustment to be more competitive in the 4K market. Many cameras have entered the 4K arena since the 1D C came to market in 2012, including the very popular Sony a7S and Panasonic GH4 cameras. The 1D C offers an unmatched build quality, but is missing a few key features cinema shooters have long been asking for, like focus peaking or the ability to shoot raw.

More about the Canon EOS-1D C:

  • 18.1Mp CMOS Sensor
  • 4K Cinematic Quality Video
  • 1920 x 1080 Full HD Video
  • Dual DIGIC 5+ Image Processors
  • 3.2" LCD Screen
  • Dual CF Card Recording Media
  • Canon EF Lens Mount
  • 61-Point High Density Auto Focus

EOS 1D C 4k cinema DSLR

Other 4K cameras available today:
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 $1497
Sony Alpha a7S $2498
Blackmagic Design Production Camera $2995
Blackmagic Design URSA $5995

[via Cinema5D]

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Jeroen de Jong's picture

It's still much more than the competition.
It's still even twice the price of a Canon EOS 100C...... (I know, only Full HD on that)
But for a photocamera wich also shoots 4K-video 8000 dollar is still insane.

Chad Andreo's picture

Don't forget, it's actually a 1Dx with 4k and a couple of other additional features.
Canon should still have a 4K capable camera on the market at a more competitive price.

Dylan Howell's picture

That is part of the reason it is seen by many to not be competitive in the market, they have no need for the 1dx feature set. Not many people need to go shoot a sporting event one day and a 4k film the next.

Neo Racer's picture


Greg Chmiel's picture

$8000 is still a lot but it can record internally to compact flash cards. The Sony a7s only outputs 4k thru its hdmi port so you would need an external recorder, and the URSA uses Cfast cards which are super expensive!