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Schneider Announces Premium 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm for the DSLR

Schneider Announces Premium 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm for the DSLR

Schneider has just announced three beautiful new DSLR lenses for still photography. Their lenses have long been the gold standard in cinema glass and they're bringing that level of craftsmanship to these three manual focus lenses. The arms race towards ultimate optical performance is getting very interesting. The latest full frame digital sensors are finally starting to push lens design's limits and these should be near the top performing lenses available when they release.

  • 35mm F/1.6
  • 50mm F/1.4
  • 85mm F/2.4 Macro

The lenses have been developed to meet the increasingly stringent requirements in combination with a continuous decrease in pixel size. “The lenses are produced in Bad Kreuznach for sophisticated users. They stand out in particular with their high image quality,” says Frithjof Spangenberg, product manager for photo imaging at Schneider-Kreuznach.

These lenses will be available in both Canon and Nikon mount, with the Nikon version including mechanical aperture control.

To aid in manually focusing, these lenses have the electronics necessary to confirm focus. This should also give full exif data.

No date release date at this time and expect these to be priced near the high end of the market.

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Very interesting if these compare at all to the Schneider mid-range cinema glass these guys might give Zeiss some competition for this kind of product :) Fingers crossed for these to be a great lens set for indie filmmaking as well as Photography

It's a classical

really looking forward to seeing the pricing and some more info on these lenses, while I understand the lack of AF will put some people off, it really might not bother some more commercial pros to the same extent, I love the look and feel of the Otus 55 and use it a lot for detail shots on commercial jobs

Follow the link to see the pricing. I hope you have some deep pockets :)

That link doesn't have pricing for these lenses... Also, the article says that there isn't a price yet.

I didn't see prices on the link were they up and taken down?

Those are different lenses for DSLR cinema, note the focusing gears.

According to Heise.de it will be 2600-2900€, release aimed for the third quarter of 2015

Just curious
Doesn't seem strange
-The massive size of 35 compared with 85
-The small aperture ring unusually at the other rear (imagine handling that stuck between body and lens)
-The clockwise distance scale lacking depth of field marks