Olympus Announces New PEN E-PL7 "Selfie-King"

Olympus Announces New PEN E-PL7 "Selfie-King"

Olympus announced the successor to the successful micro four thirds E-PL5, creatively named the E-PL7. It has a few new features that MFT photographers will like, but the flip down screen will be getting most of the attention. Olympus designed the screen with optimal selfie composition in mind. The styling of the camera screams "vintage modern," the oxymoron of choice for many camera makers in that market.

The WiFi connectivity and in-camera effect filters are built for sharing images straight to social media. Pre-order available as a body-only or as a kit with the 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 II R Lens.

Also announced is the 35mm equivalent M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12mm f/2.0 lens.


16MP Live MOS Sensor & TruePic VII Image Processor

The 16MP Live MOS sensor is optimized to maximize the performance of all M.Zuiko digital lenses in any shooting condition. Improvements to the sensitivity and read-out speed thanks to the inclusion of the TruePic VII image processor enables shooting of clear, detailed low-light images, and also allows for Full HD movie recording. The processor also helps with the fast 8 fps continuous shooting speed and color reproduction.

FAST Autofocus System with Small Target AF

Benefitting the quick shooting performance of the E-PL7, a contrast-detection focusing method employs 81 AF areas across the entire sensor to quickly and accurately acquire focus. Aptly named, FAST (Frequency Acceleration Sensor Technology) is able to home in on subjects using single-shot or continuous focusing methods, as well as AF tracking to benefit working with moving subjects. In addition there is Small Target AF that can be used to acquire focus in a smaller area for increased accuracy. 

When working with manual focus, focus peaking is available to simplify attaining precise sharpness, which is especially useful when using selective focus or shallow depth of field techniques.

3-Axis In-Body VCM Image Stabilization

In-body VCM (Voice Coil Motor) image stabilization helps to minimize the appearance of camera shake with any lens in use and compensates for camera movements that become especially noticeable when working with telephoto shots, macro imagery, and long exposures. Furthermore, this unique image stabilization system works across three axes, versus the conventional two axes, and compensates for vertical and horizontal shifts (yaw and pitch) as well as camera shake along the optical axis (roll). This range of detected movements serves to benefit traditional still image shooting as well as movie recording and working with moving subjects more effectively.

3.0" 1.04M-dot 180° Flip LCD Touchscreen

The E-PL7 is equipped with a bright 3.0" 1.04M-dot LCD touchscreen that can flip downward 180° for a much simpler and easier method of taking self-portraits. The screen allows for touch focusing and shutter release, making it much more intuitive to take photos. Additionally, it can flip upwards for shooting at low angles.

Wi-Fi Connectivity and Olympus Image Share App

By using the Olympus Image Share app, wireless control of the E-PL7 is possible through using linked iOS and Android mobile devices. The mobile device can be used to preview compositions, choose a specific AF point, and release the shutter via the intuitive app interface. Users can also transmit images directly to their mobile device from the camera and geotag images with the application.

Art Filters, Effects, and Specialty Modes

Fourteen different art filters, including Vintage and Partial Color, are featured as well as Art Effects such as Shade Effect. Specialty modes in the E-PL7 are also available including Photo Story and a Panning Scene Mode. Videos can also benefits from some of these effects and have options like Old Film Effect to give a unique look to your images.

Classic Design

Featuring leather wrapping and brushed metal accents, the E-PL7 is a compact, stylish camera reminiscent of the original film PEN series cameras.

Other Features
  • Full HD video recording with effects, such as Old Film Effect
  • Interval shooting and conversion of image series into timelapse videos
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I've been considering buying into an MFT-system, but so far the mid- to high ISO-performance has kept me from taking the plunge, I'll be looking forward to reading some reviews of this, being able to always have a camera (apart from my phone) with me would be huge.

Buy a Fujifilm X100s and you'll get one of the best APS-C sensor and great 23mm f/2 (eq. 35mm) lens. This is the ultimate "always with me" camera. I have an X-E2 with XF 23mm f/1.4 lens and this sensor high ISO performance is amazing.

It's symptomatic how makers go for the retro look or by contrary the stylish one.
In the times of rangefinders, slr's or nowadays dslr's cameras had their own shape and functionality.
Isn't there such a thing as the camera of our times?
Lol, all need a piece of leather, wood, or polishing by hand

Come on, really? With Spanish being the fourth most spoken language in the world, who names their camera "penis" (PEN E...).