Have You Considered Raising Your Photography Rates? Here Are Some Tips.

When it comes to the business of photography, for many reasons, pricing is one of the things that often trip people up. But, once you stick to a few simple rules, it becomes easier.

In this video, real-estate photographer and educator Nathan Cool takes us through some easy steps we can follow in order to price our photography properly as well as the when and how of raising our prices. There's no straight answer because it all depends on where you are in your career. Are you busy? Have you just started and need more clients? All these questions need to be fleshed out before you can start thinking about what percentage increase you need to consider or how to arrange new packages. 

Don't have packages? Depending on what type of photography you offer, you really should consider creating packages. Not only does it narrow down the options for a customer — some find it difficult to express exactly what they want, so having neat packages with detailed breakdowns of what the customer gets makes it much easier for them to make a decision — but it also allows you to up-sell if you do it correctly. 

Raising your rates is a different ballgame, but Cool lays it all out in an easily digestible fashion, so hit that play button to find out more.

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Paul Trantow's picture

Great information. 20-year pro here (like Nathan probably is) and this is sound and wise counsel. Nicely done.