Inspirational Home Tour of a Photographer's Work Space

I am a big fan of architecture, design, and art, so when there’s a great home tour on YouTube, I’m in. 

This home tour is of photographer Bart Kuykens' home in Belgium. He grew up in the home and eventually purchased it from his mother when she decided to move. I always find it inspirational to see a working photographer living their dream and in their dream home. Kuykens is a celebrity photographer and best known for his coffee table books of Porsches in scenes around the world.

A home says a lot about a person, I think it's important to have a space that can be inspirational and a place to play and explore. Kuykens re-imagined his garage into a workspace, hangout space, and a place to live and be with his Porsche. I love this space, and I’m inspired to have something similar; a think tank, a place to work, read, listen to music, and become inspired. I work from home, so I think a great space to get away to in your own home and play is essential.

As I mentioned, I am a lover of architecture and design, and a high-design space is something that inspires me and allows creativity to flow. Kuykens' workspace does just that. Comfort is key as you want to be able to grab your laptop or coffee table book, kick back, relax, and explore or work. Having your work hanging on the walls of your home or workspace is also a great way to stay inspired and just to be proud and reminded of what you have accomplished.

As Kuykens says, no one is going to come knocking on your door asking you to work for them; you have to get out, connect with people, and go for it!

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Korbin is a Fine Art, Fashion and Home Photographer living in Los Angeles. His love of photography began early while growing up in Detroit and eventually turning professional while living in L.A. Korbin's focus is on selling his prints, but is still very active in his other photography endeavors.

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