The Most Impressive Display Of Light Painting You'll Ever See

Architectural photographer Mike Butler did not hold back at all when he was commissioned to create an image for the Intercontinental Hotel in Miami, FL. In this video, we get a behind-the-scenes look at everything that goes into a high-end commercial architecture shot. To make this one shot happen, multiple days of planning were followed by hours of scouting and brainstorming. To light a house is one thing, but to light a skyscraper and the adjacent city block is something else entirely. Using only hot lights, the night, and some photoshop ingenuity, Mike was able to pull off one heck of a stunning photograph.

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Bloody hell that's amazing!

Catherine Reohorn's picture

Absolutely breath taking. What extraordinary forward planning!

Jason Lee's picture

Better than Aurora Light Painters ! 

Wayne Leone's picture

Impressive but it is just me that's seeing the 3 or 4 hot spots on the front main part of the hotel??

Andrew Barros's picture

Yeah, I see it too. They bug me a little bit.

Karen Lynne's picture

I still get intimidated by using my flash off the camera. Absolutely amazing work. 

Very impressive.

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Jacob Abrams's picture

That's awesome...

Jojo Graphic's picture

love it but could have be done without adding those expensive lights using Photoshop ,I guess at this level of prestige this photographer can get any thing at any budget , good job....

Mike Kelley's picture

How could it have been done without the lights?

Tobias Solem's picture

It couldn't, at least not without looking shoddy. This is great, however I expected for someone to use longer shutter speed and actually PAINT with light from the title. :)

Mike Kelley's picture

My thoughts exactly :) 

Jojo Graphic's picture

I guess

Jorge Azpiri's picture

my jaw just dropped in awe.

many of his images look like 3D renderings.
technical perfect but to clean and steril.

it´s great lighting work.. no doubt.
but you could do that in 3D apps and you would not see a difference. not with todays technic. 

they look like the images i have done 5 years ago for an architectural company.
we used 3D max and softimage. the results where nice images for brochures.. but lacked soul.

it´s my personal taste.. no need for a flamewar :)