3 Ways To Improve the Quality of Your Audio When Filming at Home

For streamers and vloggers, audio quality is often a secondary consideration but a few simple changes to your setup can make a huge difference. Check out this short video to find out how to bring dramatic improvements to your audio.

Harris Heller of Alpha Gaming has put together a quick guide for Adorama which runs you through three quick ways to stream and vlog with greatly improved audio quality. To make some changes, you might need to spend a little bit of cash but, refreshingly, the solutions can be very cheap.

For example, the Musicians Value MCrane1 Microphone Suspension Crane Arm costs only $29.99 from B&H Photo, though of course you might also then need to fork out for a longer cable.

For those new to streaming and vlogging, audio is an insanely deep rabbit hole to dive down and along with quality, something else to keep in mind is versatility. If you’re trying to choose your first set up, you might want to try and ensure that you invest in a system that works in a number of different settings rather than merely your desk at home. For some ideas, check out Lee Morris’s recent review of the Rode Wireless GO II.

What other tips would you include? Let us know in the comments below.

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