Using a Smartphone to Record Ambient Sounds and How to Place Them in Video Projects

Great sound design in a video can elevate the overall quality from decent to breathtaking. Here are some basic tips to get started using just a smartphone to record sound effects and how to work them into your films for the most impact.

In this video, travel filmmaker Oliver Astrologo explains just how little you actually need to start adding depth to your projects using layers of ambient sound. With just his smartphone and the default voice memos app, he has all he needs to isolate and capture the noises around him and take them into Adobe Premiere CC to enhance the visuals on screen. Once inside Premiere, Astrologo has a few extra pointers on how to best take advantage of your separate audio tracks and step up your own films.

If you’re shooting well-budgeted commercial projects, it will pay to use an actual sound recording device such as the popular Zoom H6. However, Astrologo has used this demonstrated technique with a smartphone in a number of his own personal films such as “Reverie of Vietnam.”

What are your own techniques for creating effective sound design in video? Let us know in the comments below.

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It’s always great to see people get creative with simple tools!