What to Buy: Audio Device Comparison for YouTubers

If you’re making videos for YouTube, clean and clear audio cannot be overlooked. Here’s a look at several mics and audio device options to help narrow down what will work best for you.

Radhakrishnan Chakyat for Pixel Viilage shares with us a simple, non-judgemental comparison test in this video by talking into many different types of microphones and playing the results back so that the viewer can form their own opinion on the best sound quality. One at a time, he gives example audio from the Rode RodeLink Wireless Filmmaker Kit, the on-camera microphone, a Rode VideoMic GO, a Saramonic SR-PMIC1 shotgun mic that is camera mounted, a Saramonic SR-TM1 shotgun mic that is on the table in front of him, a Saramonic UWMIC9 RX9 and TX9 wireless lavalier system, and finally the Zoom H6 recorder by itself. It’s also not a bad idea to have a pair of studio monitor headphones so that you can know for sure what your audio sounds like while recording.

After watching the video, which mic do you think had the best sound quality? What are your own personal recommendations for YouTubers to start capturing better audio? Leave a comment below.

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