"The Greatest Car Film Event" Announced and You Can Get Involved!

"The Greatest Car Film Event" Announced and You Can Get Involved!

Our friends at the automotive website Jalopnik have announced their second transportation-focused film festival, and it is great news for car lovers and creatives alike for a few reasons. First, you can attend an awesome film festival in New York City later this year and watch great car movie shorts. Second, you can submit your work and possibly win awards just as you would in any festival. Third, if you don't have a movie but always wanted to make one, you can possibly win the chance to have it made for you. Finally, you can help me create the ultimate car movie poster!

We're inviting you to submit your films. Full legal details/submission info below, but basically we'll take any car film between 30 seconds and 120 minutes, whether narrative or documentary, animated or live-action, and review it with our esteemed panel of independent judges. If you shot it and you think it's great we want to see it, too.

They will be accepting narrative, documentary, animation, and foreign language (subtitled in English) films and giving awards for things like best action camera sequence, best film about car culture, and best short documentary. You can SUBMIT YOUR FILMS HERE.

For those of you that love cars like me, but possibly do not have the means to make an automotive film (narrative / fiction / documentary), you actually can submit a concept or script and if you win, they will help supply money and crew to make it happen!

Volvo is going to provide the cars and the money to make a short film about 'WHY WE CARE' about car culture. You don't have to have ever made a film in your life, you just have to have a good idea and we'll have a great filmmaker guide you through the process.

I think that is pretty rad! If you want to learn more, full details here.

Finally, I will be in charge of creating the movie poster for this festival. I will be shooting it, but I wanted it to be a community effort as well. I welcome creative suggestions and volunteers that want to get involved. I'm not getting paid to do it, I just love car movies and tv shows so much, I have dedicated a long term personal series on hero vehicles. Thus, I just HAD to volunteer to make a rad poster! Learn more here.

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Digital Macdaddy's picture

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the movie poster that you will create!

Ryan MacKenzie's picture

Pretty cool! I too love cars. I grew up around them. My dad has owned an automotive shop since 1977 and has a 1951 merc and a 1932 ford roadster. Needless to say I would be happy to be apart of the poster production. I have access to a ton of cars and connections in the automotive world.