Samsung Testing Prototype Truck With Live View Camera

Samsung is currently testing a prototype truck in Argentina fitted with a camera on the cabin and a live view display in the rear. The purpose of this is to help drivers safely pass trucks; a task which often proves difficult and has resulted in many accidents. This is quite an ingenious and innovative way to solve an every day problem and to help save lives.
The prototype truck is being tested in Argentina where traffic accidents are far too common. It is reported that about 1 accident happens EVERY hour, and most of that is a reult of an overtaking scenario. As such, these new trucks with rear live view displays could make a very real impact on the countries road accident problem.

The solution is rather simple. A wireless camera is mounted on the front of the truck and the image is sent over to a display at the rear. In addition, the camera has night vision capability which allows it to be fully functional at night time, when accidents are even more likely to happen.

Samsung is currently working with governments and NGO groups to help get this technology employed globally.

One has to wonder if advertisers will try to exploit and monetize a new "in your face" advertising strategy by flashing "youtube" type ads every so often.

(via DIYPhotography)

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They can also use it for advert's. Like you have to wait too see if you can overtake after the commercial break. Briljant marketing!

those monitors need to be very "******" proof to survive.. doors will be thrown with, forklifts bump into it.. and probably in the end they get stolen when the truck is parked.. I imagine the truck stops wil be much more fun for the driver's they can all watch the game together.

On a serious note. The concept is amazing tho!

Great Concept. Hope it can help.


I do hope that this can make a difference.
i don't know why but i wonder if people will drive closer to the truck in front with this.
Without it you hold back to maintain visibility and now people will feel safer and so driver too close to the truck.
Interesting concept and all for manufactures playing with Tech to make our roads safer.

As long as drivers behind the truck keep an eye on the trucks brake and indicator lights and not get to into just watching the monitors

Just a promotional/marketing gimmick.

This is so impractical it will never be put into practice. It's another one of those things that seems like a great idea until you really think about it.

Did you watch the video? Did you read the article?

Yes. It's typical PR stuff showing "a company that cares". They have implemented it to a prototype, which is not he same as widespread adoption. It is cost prohibitive, fragile, and quite possibly more dangerous in most situations.

It may look safe; it's not

People will be distracted and slow down to look at the screens. They will cause new dangerous situations behind the truck. They will be focussed on the screen and not what happens in front of them. I don't think it will be road-legal overhere

But he, Samsung doesn't care; everybody is talking about it.

It would be nice to have the indicators digitally on screen as well. I really don't see how looking at the screen might be a distraction (it isn't a movie, it is the road in front of you). Prior to this is looking at the rear of the truck anyway.... so it is as good as having a really nice piece of art behind your truck but this one in particular may just save ones life.

It works great for this example. Do you think this is actual footage?
How often do you drive severeal meters/feet up to the back of a trailer to overtake?
Keep your distance and you have enough time to look for yourself. Do you think you are able to geuss the speed of the car ahead in the other lane based on a screen?

The roads in the movie have two lanes? Take this truck to a 4 lane highway. If the truck stays in one lane guess what happens on the other lanes. People will start looking at the trailer without any use. While the must keep their eyes in front of them.....

it's only the road ahead now. But what if a commercial pops up?The technologie makes it possible so why not? People are more triggered by a moving image than by a print on the backside (we should know, we work with images right?)
Showing movies on other cars/trucks (the road ahead or A Clockwork Orange for my part) doesn't make save driving.

What if you are focussed on the screen and the truck takes an exit. You get confused and that's when acciddents happen.

I don't think that one should forget common sense just because they have a new helpful tool at their disposal.
Screens behind trucks would just let you see ahead before pulling to the left to get a view for yourself. Already this alone has been a source of plenty of accidents (not actually trying to pass, but just going for a look at the wrong time)
If someone claims it would make it worse then it's complete bollocks, any such idea would improve safety, I hope it will actually get implemented at a big enough scale to make a difference as well, but at least there's something new going on at one of the slowest developing fields.
And for the camera's position then I think it's intentional to give a similar view to what you would see yourself and not disorient the driver with an incorrect angle or perspective.
Either way, great idea.

I seeeeeeeee.

Seems like it would be too much of a distraction until people get used to it and sort of tune it out.