B&H Photo Offering Big Savings on Nikon and Zeiss Gear

B&H Photo Offering Big Savings on Nikon and Zeiss Gear

B&H Photo is having a huge sale on Nikon gear, with up to $480 in savings per lens when bundled with a camera body. If you're looking to upgrade your Nikon camera gear, now might just be the time to do it. B&H Photo is also offering huge discounts on the Zeiss Touit Lenses for the Fujifilm and Sony mirrorless mounts when bundled together. The Zeiss 32mm Touit in particular was reviewed quite highly by Fstoppers last year.

With hundreds of dollars in savings, B&H Photo has teamed up with Nikon to offer specials on their lenses and camera bodies available until 6/28/2014 or until they're sold out. The particular savings vary on lenses and camera bodies chosen, so check out their promotional website to find where you can get the biggest discounts on high end Nikon gear.


B&H Photo is also offering an instant savings of $800 on the Zeiss Touit lineup for mirrorless camera systems when bought together (32mm f/1.8 & 12mm f/2.8). As I'm sure you're already familiar with, Zeiss offers some of the best optical performance available in camera systems today.



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Seems to me that I saw a similar B&H sale, at least with Nikon gear a few months ago. Not even B&H would run a sale just for fun. Could it be that people think that they have "enough" digital gear until something truly remarkable comes out? Most times when Epson offers printer discounts, it means that something new and better is coming soon. Maybe it's time for computer makers to jointly come up with some new operating systems that make everything we now own no longer funcional without buying something else. Apple is good at this.

Same discounts from the Sony camp.

It's no discount when you're forced to buy a body in order to get the "savings".

Thanks for the heads-up - hopefully it'll help - although it's always best to be doing price comparison searches too ;) Sale doesn't automatically mean bargain :)

Torsten @ http://www.mightytravels.com