13 Weeks Until the Holidays: Is Your Business Ready?

The stores are already stocking holiday decor with faux trees and the leaves have barely fallen. The holiday season sneaks up on business owners quickly with an influx of calls for sessions. Is your business ready and do you know how to weed out the fake calls or emails?

For any photographer, whether boudoir or family, this means the possibility of some clients wanting to gift a session to a friend or family member. This can be a great gift option, but it is important to know not only how to pass on the fake emails but also how to handle a gift voucher properly so there is no miscommunication with the receiver of the gift. 

Michael Sasser recently had an email come through that many photographers can relate to in wondering if it is a scam. The idea of giving a gift voucher to a shoot can be common, but look out for the signs that it might be someone just looking to get information on your business. It could also backfire, even if it is legitimate, in that the person receiving the voucher:

  • does not understand your pricing of the products prior, leaving them feeling financially stressed 
  • does not feeling comfortable in being prepared for the session
  • simply is not a fan of your style of work

Sasser talks about how to work around all these issues with a clear plan to have the client (not the person paying the invoice, but the one being photographed) understand everything. One of the main takeaway tips from the video is to have a connection with the person receiving the gift voucher prior to sending the invoice to the giver of the gift. This is key to making certain the client feels secure in the decision to have a session with you, especially if it is boudoir with an intimate setting. The holidays can be a great way to reach new clients and be booked solid for the months following with those redeeming those vouchers. Follow the tips to make it all a smooth process and not a hassle.

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