A Boudoir Photographer's Guide to Getting it Right

Are you an aspiring boudoir photographer or someone who has begun offering boudoir, but still has a little to learn in order to perfect the genre? This simple, helpful video will show you some practical mistakes that many beginning and even seasoned boudoir photographers often make and how to avoid them.

As a genre, boudoir photography can involve lots of intricacies that more mainstream portrait photographers don’t normally deal with. Making your subject feel comfortable and beautiful in clothing and positions they normally save for the bedroom can be a difficult task.

It’s important that you know not only how to set your clients at ease, but also what shooting techniques will make them look their very best. Veteran boudoir photographer and educator Michael Sasser of Sasser Stills Boudoir brings us this quick video demonstrating some common pitfalls in boudoir photography, and what you can do to correct them.

Be it a too-tidy bed, poor hand placement, or a bad in-camera crop, this short, to-the-point video will show you some dos and don’ts that will have your boudoir photography leveling up in no time. Sasser doesn’t mince words; he just shows you what you need to know to perfect your boudoir skills.

What are your favorite tips and tricks for a successful boudoir shoot? Share in the comments!

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andfireflies's picture

I found it quite interesting that this post showed up in my feed today, as something occurred just last night that, imho should never have happened. I won't say the photographers name, but while viewing her website I saw a photo I thought was nice so clicked on it to see the larger view and it took me straight into the client's proof gallery. With the shopping cart for selections etc etc. No big deal right? Well this client had posed for full nudes as well as lingerie, so her private photos were out there for public view. This photographer took the time to watermark each image so the client couldn't steal them, but not the time to ensure the content was secure and password protected as it was supposed to be? I emailed her via her contact form to make her aware of the issue and it has been since corrected, but this is a grievous mistake and something that should definitely be in the foremost thoughts of all photographers entrusted with such a personal shoot.

stir photos's picture

grievous, indeed... most grievous, in fact.... screw yogs, that young lady needs a proper deployment plan, mind you [left forefinger pointing up and sorta moving]. #GrievousIsAfunnyWord

Henry Louey's picture

Not that i care as I don't view fstoppers on work computers but just wondering why some articles on the topic are tagged NSFW such as the Rex Jones article on June 18th when others are marked as SFW

If anything this article is more risque in posing, lingerie than Rex's on outdoor boudoir yet his was flagged as NFSW and this one isn't?

BTW agree with all the tips in the video. The hands placement always kills me

stir photos's picture

sooo risque... btw, i hope we're being sarcastic here or i just blew right by that one, and for that, that's on me. haha

Ryan Burleson's picture

It’s right already if the photog or model likes them, more peer influenced “this is the way” articles. Artist denied

Just talking about pricing here...

So you have to pay that business something like 500$ to get the shoot done.


You have to pay for your photos extra (rates not communicated on the website)

That's really, really expensive.

I would even say, if the model is really good, the photograph should pay her ...

Michael Sasser's picture

Hello Alex! You are absolutely right. If the model is really good, she should be being paid. I only use models when doing how-to videos. 100% of my paid work comes from everyday women who are looking do to an empowering photo shoot, something they have never done before. That is why I'm the one being paid and not them because they are not models. They are looking to me to provide all the information, posing, print albums and such. Hope that clears up the payment structure!

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I'm not one to throw cold water on a man's hustle but these images look like an average day on Model Mayhem. They don't cone across as inspired or even thought out; the poses are pedestrian and conceptually the portfolio rings of guy with camera chessecake.

>> these images look like an average day on Model Mayhem <<

They're in focus, so no.

Michael Sasser's picture

That water is cooooold 🤣, just kidding. Thanks for taking a look!