Do You Shoot Boudoir or Glamour Photography?

There really is a difference between shooting boudoir and shooting glamour, even though there is a fair amount of crossover. Understanding the difference between the two might actually be valuable information for directing where you take your business as a photographer.

Whether you're new to shooting boudoir and glamour photography or not, this video by Michael Sasser is full of some invaluable insights for anyone interested in pursuing either genre of portraiture. One of the points made by Sasser, concerning one of the motives for boudoir photography, is that of assisting in the boosting of someone's perception of self-worth. I absolutely love the reactions that come when boudoir clients first see the pictures of themselves. I truly enjoy when someone sees the beauty about themselves that others, and I as the photographer, can see, but they themselves haven't really noticed.

Perhaps you find different things about glamour photography to be enjoyable than what I tend to enjoy, but for me, I love having an opportunity to work with a talented model to push my own creative limits. Working with someone who is typically more comfortable in front of the camera and who often has more experience posing for the camera is a lot of fun, because it allows me to try new things with posing, outfits, lighting, composition, and lens choices. Regardless of which side of things you shoot, this video is well worth the watch.

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