How to Double Your Inquiries With One Simple Addition to Your Website

Photographers of all genres rely on new inquires as well as returning clients to fill their calendar for the year. Keeping up with returning clients is easily done, however getting the fresh new leads does not have to be a difficult task if your website has a few minor additions. 

Michael Sasser explains how just one small addition to your website can improve inquiries and traffic all around. This is not a hack or even a trick. It is a simple way to lessen the friction, as Sasser refers to it, in order to get the lead faster. Adding a contact form to the bottom of every page on your website will help double your inquires whether you are a boudoir, wedding, portrait, or pet photographer. 

Sasser explains how within one month of adding this to his website, his inquires doubled. He even refers back to explain how adding it to the footer brought in more inquires than the home page. 

While this may seem over the top to add to every page, it is crucial to think how the psychology of purchasing works in today's world. Purchasing is all about the one-click buying now, and contact forms should follow the same thought process. Lessen the amount of clickthroughs to get a potential client to contact you and you will see a difference.

Cover image by TeroVesalainen via Pixabay.

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JT is known throughout the International Boudoir Photography Industry and the region for her unique approach to Fine Art Photography. Her underwater work as JT Aqua is ethereal based and conceptual. She is an educator, writer and currently teaching workshops for underwater and boudoir.

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Why would anyone create a business website without a contact form? That should be obvious.

he says to add a contact button to every page/tab of your website, therefore potential clients can access that page from any page on your website.

Having the actual contact form at the bottom of *every* page of your site is not obvious.

Is there any easy way to add a contact form to every gallery on Adobe Portfolio?

Yes, just scroll to the bottom of the page or where ever you want the contact form to appear and click on the + symbol. The option to add a contact form's there amongst 'Images, text, photo grid etc.

But it looks like I’d have to do that manually on every album. Is that right?

People are lazy. Make things as easy as possible for you customer. Everything they need to make a decision should be on EACH page of your website. My headshot page has my gallery, tips, advice, google reviews displayed, google map of my location, pricing for various packages / offerings, a contact form and can even book and schedule a shoot all from the same page. I get bookings without ever having to talk to them on the phone or respond to an email. I just get alerts of people booking. It's great.

More fake news, stupid video.

I don't think you understand what "fake news" means.

New site coming in a week. Over two years in the making. Contact form, e-mail, and phone number on every. single. page. Done, and done!