Artist Photographs Toy Figurines to Recreate Scenes From Star Wars

Artist Photographs Toy Figurines to Recreate Scenes From Star Wars

I have a confession to make: I’m not a huge "Star Wars" fan. In fact, it’s best that no one ask me any questions about the series because I’d likely embarrass myself. Sebastien Del Grosso on the other hand may be able to provide more insight, or rather, some impressive images that pay tribute to the iconic series known across the globe by so many.

Del Grosso, a long time Star Wars fan and avid photographer, decided he wanted to mix his two passions and create a set of images that depicted the planets of the "Star Wars" universe using toy figurines.

Del Grosso says his favorite genres have always been horror and science-fiction. Challenged by this surreal style of imagery, he explained that while creating the images the most challenging part has been creating the backgrounds. When possible, he said that he prefers to use real photographs for the background, as it’s less time consuming than drawing them in Illustrator.

While chatting with Del Grosso he told me that his next project will include superhero and video game characters, some of which he’s already began working on.

More of Sebastian Del Grosso's work can be seen on Flickr and Behance.

All images used with permission.

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