Barbarian Transformation Photoshoot With Renee Robyn for Less Than $50

Barbarian Transformation Photoshoot With Renee Robyn for Less Than $50

Photographer and digital artist Renee Robyn is known for creating magical composites complete with gorgeous costumes and dreamy scenery. But what happens when there is no designer to provide styling, no makeup artist, and a budget of only $50 to spend?

While visiting the Dollar Store for a completely unrelated project, Robyn's friend, an adventure photographer, grabbed a small toy shield and sword and suggested they use them as props in an impromptu, comedic photoshoot. Unable to resist a challenge, Robyn embarked on a journey that included blue lipstick, folded dresses, and hair extensions, but culminated in a photo that should give hope to everyone who is trying to create great art on a budget.

People often hesitate to take on creative projects because they see behind-the-scenes photos or videos from well-funded professionals and think they, too, need expensive sets, elaborate costumes, and all the other trappings of big productions to make it happen.

Using a photo from her own stock library, dresses from her own wardrobe, a belt, a fuzzy hat, and some Dollar Store props, Robyn was able to create striking digital art while spending less than $50. That's something any photographer should be able to imitate.

Image shared with permission of Renee Robyn

While Renee Robyn has years of practice and skill with digital art under her belt, the process she outlines in her blog post is one anyone can adopt to make fantastic digital art. For her full process and colorful take on how the image was created, along with more behind-the-scenes photos, check out the blog post here.

Cover image shared with permission of Renee Robyn.

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Gabrielle Colton's picture

This is great! It truly is easy to style like this on a budget with the right tools. Love her!!

Nicole York's picture

I love that she shared the process on her blog, too, it should definitely give people hope!

Jay Jay's picture

When you have a skilled artist like Renee, she could turn a handful of pencils and paper plates into something majestic

Zach Alan's picture

SO GOOD! Congrats on the article Renee :-)