Behind the Scenes on a Bentley Motors Film Shot with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Austin Reza is back at it with Bentley Motors for the second in the Intelligent Details series titled, “The Bespoke Driving Jacket.” We previously wrote about him last year in this article. This time he's back utilizing the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cameras, and along with an assortment of professional lighting equipment and rigs, Reza has created another exceptional looking piece of film.

As stated on Bentley’s YouTube channel, “The film features four houses from Savile Row, the internationally renowned home of bespoke tailoring, as they each create a Bespoke Driving Jacket, commissioned by Bentley Motors to mark the occasion of the Savile Row Bespoke exhibition in Washington, D.C.”

The film was shot in London and Los Angeles and along with a Movi 5, Beastgrip Pro, made use of a Kickstarter-funded anamorphic lens to add more of a cinematic feel to the video. Filmic Pro and Filmakr are both of the powerful apps used to film each scene — each app was dependent upon the personal preference of the individual camera operators.

Although Reza admits that the technology behind a shoot like this is important, the real emphasis on making moving pictures work lies in “capturing moments.”

Here is the final film:

You can follow more of Austin Reza's work at his website.

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What App did they use to edit on the iPad?