Bentley's New Ad Is Shot with the iPhone 5s - Seriously!

Intelligent Details is the new ad / documentary that Bentley Motors commissioned. It was filmed throughout New York and highlights what inspires Luc Donckerwolke, Bentley's Director of Design, and SangYup Lee, Head of Exterior Design. At around the 3:16 mark, you'll be treated to a behind-the-scenes look at how the film was created. Their YouTube channel explains, "Intelligent Details was filmed, assembled and edited using the in-car connectivity and entertainment platform." Check out the amazing lenses and rigs that were used with everyday iPhones to create this stunning story!

[Via iMore and Bentley (YouTube)]

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Now that's pretty cool!

"Bentley’s New Ad Is Shot with the iPhone 5..."

...and an army of professional equipment and production gear. Yeah, that iPhone really made all the difference...

that's what i going to said. LOL

Great job! Just goes to show you can tell a story with almost any camera...just get out there and do it.

Wow, the camera used really does not make any difference....when you have rigs, lenses and other insanly expensive gear backing it up! :p

I just checked my iPhone 5 box and didn't see any of that cool gear they used in there or online at the Apple store. What was the BTS segments shot with?

The BTS was actually stop-motion animated.

$599.99 iPhone 5s
10K+ in crew....Yea...just

All you making smart remarks about how they used more gear than just an iphone need to get your head around the concept.
This is an ad for Bentley, no company like they are going to hand you a naked iphone to shoot handheld. nor is that the concept.
The concept here is the integration of everyday technology in the design, as they have done with the iphone - the core in this film production. no where does it say the ad was made with an iphone ONLY and no stabilization rigs.
They even edit on an ipad IN THE CAR. if that doesn't help you see what the concept is, I think you all have major gear acquisition syndrome. The BTS wasn't created just to show you what gear was used, but to further emphasize the concept.

Paul gets it.

May I also add that I really don't understand why there is so much negativity specifically on the iphone as a camera. Say for example if this ad was titled "Bentley’s New Ad Is Shot with the GoPro – Seriously!" and shot with multiple gopros and suitable rigs for it, people would be less pessimistic. I thought Fstoppers readers were more professional about our craft.

What makes you think I wouldn't have made the same sarcastic remark had this been a GoPro?

This isn't an ad for Bentley...

I don't, you would have made the same sarcastic remark regardless. I'm talking about the majority of people.

Whatever you want to call it, it was commissioned by Bentley.

That could hold true if only, just only, the BTS (gear, crew, etc.) was not showed. Sure, nowhere in the ad it says with words it was done using rigs, lenses, etc., but visually it was stated. I don't see any emphasis related with the concept. No, there is no GAS here, just the obvious.

like I've said before, the BTS produced by companies like Bentley aren't made to show you what gear is being used. Just because YOU see it, doesn't necessarily mean that is Bentley's message.

What it is, is to visually explain the thought process and fundamental idea behind the film (ad).
Your comment would only be valid if this were a filmmaking tutorial on youtube showing you BTS footage.

On the other hand, the people Bentley market towards probably couldn't care less if they used $10000+ in rigs or more importantly (I'm guessing specifically for you guys) if they stated they had in the shownotes.

I get Bentley's "message" (the "fundamental idea", even without showing behind the scene, which is not necessary to understand that "fundamental idea"), but there are layers of "messages" ("metamessages"?), including Apple's one. I had to be blind to not see them.

It is like trying to save a salty soup by putting a potato in it.

Didn't you say above that you DONT see the concept? Contradicting yourself or a mistake?

Regardless, you seem to be such a fine dinner to be complaining about Bentleys chefs. Good for you.

I said that I don't see the emphasis related to the concept, not the concept. As I said, there are layers of information in the ad. You need to learn to read a text.

So I need a Bentley and Iphone to make movies!

I'd start with the Bentley.

Be sure to hire a driver because Bentley owners don't drive. They are driven.

Most executives don't drive their own luxurious cars. I know that for sure. Sometimes I think that being a chauffeur could give gratification and access to some unreachable cars for us mortals...

Sometimes people need to take things for what it is and not overthink/criticize everything. A lot of these shots can be recreated with cheaper gear. Glidecam instead of a movi, cheap shoulder rig, etc.

Bentley ad? I only saw an apple ad. But I have to say it looked great.

That's the only one i notice the whole time.
may be i have issue or dump to understand the concept.
But seriously more look like at Iphone and Ipad Adv for me.

I understand that Bentley wanted to show off the power of its in car technology and chose to shoot this on an iPhone 5 with very good results. However, that does not mean the iPhone 5 is the best tool. You can use a shovel to dig a canal when you attach it to a bulldozer, but you are obviously better off just using the bulldozer.

Hear! Hear! Paul Hahn.....cudos to you for seeing the overall contextual framework......get over yourselves fstopper gearheads!

Extra gear or not, cheers to innovation and what can be done with masters behind the gear. The iPhone just like any camera can produce everything from crap to gold depending on the user. Same goes for your nice $10,000 4K Red Epic cameras. My mom could even get that camera to misfire focus and cut off someones head :)

Where's the color version so we can see just how horrible it actually looked?