Behind The Scenes of the Incredible One Shot Segment from UnReal

Recently Lee shared a post showing an amazing segment from the Action film UnReal. They just released their Behind the Scenes video today breaking down how they shot the "One Shot," and it's equally as incredible as their film. 

This is a pretty big deal for the Action Sports film world. This segment is the first full segment in a mountain bike film that is filmed in a single, continuous shot. Continuous shots are difficult enough to accomplish. Adding in two moving parts and a precarious landscape only amps up the challenge which is why people are still talking about this video. It took four men one month to build the custom trail, and the parallel road for the truck with the GSS C520 Gyro stabilizer system. The team took ten days to practice the shot, and just so you know, the badass Brandon Semenuk was injured when he finally hit the trail. Not only is the segment beautiful, but they also did a sick job on the behind the scenes. It's a very cool video that goes to show how much planning and time goes into a seemingly short shot. UnReal is available on iTunes, and I for one have already started popping the popcorn. If you haven't seen The One Shot yet, what? Do you live under a rock?! Go watch it, you'll be glad you did. 

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Noticed at 5:15 Semenuk was using what looks like a Nikon FE2 from the back of the truck. Cool behind the scenes footage!

Looked like an Olympus in this photo blog from Sterling Lawrence. Also a lot more shots of the GSS rig on the truck and being setup:

Nicely done! Amazing location.

I certainly enjoyed the original video, but I guess I don't understand how all this effort justifies not using a drone. It's cool, but how is this better?

In that there is a 30-300mm in a fully stabilized housing which in no way would fit on a drone. And helicopter being overkill.

But that lens wouldn't be necessary with a drone. The last time I flew in a helicopter, it cost me $140/hr for an R-22. But that was a few years ago. ;)

Why isn't this episode on the iTunes extras for the film??