Can You Guess How This Amazing Single Shot Mountain Biking Run Was Filmed?

My mind could not compute how this incredible 4 minute video was filmed without making a single cut. At times I figured it was shot from a helicopter but at times it appeared to be a steadicam/movi system. I was wrong. 

Apparently this shot, taken from the film "unReal" was filmed with the GSS C520 Gyro stabilizer system attached to a truck which was driving along a road which was constructed specifically for this shot. To make it even more impressive the rider Brandon Semenuk was injured during the filming and he only hit the entire segment once. 

Extreme sports photographers/videographers have always pushed the limits and I'm glad to see that they don't seem to be slowing down. 

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Taylor Osborn's picture

TGR and Anthill need to work together again. That shot absolutely blew my mind and Semenuk is a beast.

john wheatley's picture

That was amazing.... :)

Caleb Kerr's picture

TGR inspires the hell out of me on a regular basis.

Chad Focha's picture

Just Wow...

Jason Bosch's picture

That's awesome. Very similar to what Brain Farm does.

Jay Briggs's picture

That bike track is AWESOME

Ethan Klein's picture

OMG! That was mind-blowing...