'Adventure Is Calling' Will Inspire You to Go out and Explore

There's no better way to start the week off than to watch a beautifully shot and composed time-lapse. Shane Black spent several months traveling through the U.S. and Canada teaching workshops and shooting this time-lapse. "Adventure is Calling" makes me want to get out of the house and explore how beautiful our planet is. Black spent about 4 months, traveled roughly 14,000 miles, and shot about 20,000 still for this inspiring 3 minute video. 

You can tell Black put a lot of thought into this time-lapse. The camera movements are very fluid, the compositions are captivating, and the overall flow of the video is sublime. Not to mention the rich toning and dynamic range on these shots is incredible. This time-lapse does a great job of showing how beautiful mother nature is. It makes me want to dust off my tripod and go see all the wonders our world has to offer. I have a lot of respect for landscape and time-lapse photographers, the patience and dedication it takes for one shot or a short clip is very commendable. If this video doesn't make you want to get outside and appreciate our planet then you may be doomed to a life on the couch.

Black's first "Adventure is Calling" was so popular he decided to create this second one. On the Vimeo page he writes:

It was so great getting so much feedback on the last video about how it inspired so many to get out, travel, and spend more nights under the stars. I hope this video will revamp those desires. Special thanks to Arn Andersson for making an extended version of his song 'The Truth Beyond' for me to use for this video.

Black used two Canon bodies and four different lenses for this video. His main body was a Canon 5D Mark III, and as a second body he used a Canon 5D Mark II. For lenses he used a Canon 16-35L IICanon 24L IICanon 50 f1.4, and a Canon 70-200L II IS to capture these incredible shots. For motion control, Black used a eMotimo TB3 Black, a Dynamic Perception Stage Zero Dolly, and Vanguard tripods. I was surprised to see that Black did not use Photoshop for this time-lapse. Instead, all of his editing and toning was done with Adobe Lightroom, Adobe After Effects, and LRTimelapse.

Black is a landscape, time-lapse, and astro photographer based out of Ohio. His landscape work is nothing short of amazing. I highly recommend you check out his website and follow his work on 500pxFlickr, Instagram, and Vimeo.

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Anders Brinckmeyer's picture

Amazing music! And yeah, Shane is pretty fantastic too! I follow him on IG and he always put up these mesmerizing photos. It definitely makes me want to get out more. I actually prefer his first video. To me, its seems overall more slow/smooth/fluid. In this video some clips seems too fast and jittery (maybe to match the pace of the music?). Still a fantastic edit!

Christian Berens's picture

wow! after watching that i immediately emailed a friend and said we need to do some traveling and exploring!!!