[BTS] Brett Warren Shoots "Wooden Heart"

This is another cool behind the scenes video from Brett Warren as he shoots his series "Wooden Heart". Brett interned with Annie Leibovitz, and you can definitely tell with his work, they're lit very similarly and the processing is very reminicent of Annie's work, but it's still very cool.

Check out the rest of this series and more of his work HERE.







From Nick:

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Seagram Pearce's picture

Love that shot with the stage -he balances his ambient & lighting very well. Also, you can see Brett likes his voice activated light stands too. :P

Nicholas Gore's picture

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a closet full of them?

Very nice work but how on earth he can manage to light an entire scene with one light(strobe) i.e. at 1min 50secs? Is the image a composite whereby subsequent image is lit using the softlighter multiple times ?

Nicholas Gore's picture

The single strobe is balanced with natural light and a few hot lights. 

Randy Richards's picture

Very nice work and truly reminiscent of Annie Leibovitz's work. My favourite photo was the stage shot. 

all that when he had a Nikon d60 with a 18-55 kit lens... Brett is a creative machine