[BTS] Faye Sampson Shoots With Natural Light

Faye Sampson is a photographer based in the UK and has made this really great Behind the Scenes video of her shoot for the magazine Magnetize.

The really great thing is that these shots were done with natural light alone, using just a large silver reflector. The final images are pretty cool, and there are some insane costumes so definitely check this out.







From Nick:

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Thomas Ingersoll's picture

those are pretty amazing for natural light, i wonder what she does for post process 

Nicholas Gore's picture

I was thinking the same thing. 

Lewis Kirton-smith's picture

"based out of the UK " - So she's not based in the UK? 

Anyway... Great images, love the styling and hair. She must have spent an age on post production to get that look. It really works though. The stuff on her website is phenomenal for a 21 year old. Very inspirational.

Nicholas Gore's picture

Hmm, I thought I saw on her website that she was UK based. I'll definitely change that. 

Nicholas Gore's picture

Nevermind, I see what you meant haha

Lewis Kirton-smith's picture

Haha, sorry that I made you re-check.

Pratik Naik's picture

She's based in the UK "Based out of UK" refers to place of residence, it's just another manner of saying based 'in'. 

Lewis Kirton-smith's picture

Thanks Pratik, might be an age thing as i've never heard that term before.

Really fantastic photos based from only natural light! The way to go! Nothing else is needed, just a reflector. This is very encouraging and inspirational!


Ryan Daley's picture

I think using natural light and reflectors is overlooked way too much. Ever since strobist became popular too many photographers think they have to light things with 10 lights and a ton of gear. 

Yael Paris's picture

great BTS, I'm wondering if she's doing the post processing herself or if it's done by a retoucher.

All retouching is done by Faye