[BTS] Sasha Leahovcenco Makes A Band Walk On Water

This is another cool video from Sasha Leahovcenco where he shoots a band walking on water using only a single light. This video walks you through the set up and shooting and shows you the awesome final image.

Check out more of Sasha's work HERE.







From Nick:

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Alex's picture

Looks cool.  But based on the resulting photo featured, they did not seem to have made the best of the difficult preparations and setup.  That shot could have been easier done as a composite (water and band photographed separately.)  Don't you think?

Dan Stone's picture

compositing maybe be able to do the same thing but id rather have the memory of the day and the fun of being on the lake with the team, than sitting at my computer tapping away at photoshop :)

Eduardo Schäfer's picture

 sure, but at the end of the day its not about memories and fun as much as it is about production costs and deadlines, at least for the regular john like me.

Simeon Quarrie's picture

Who will a client remember? A photographer that took a shot in a studio and photoshopped them in. Or the photographer who created the experience and the image for real?

Would we all be watching this video if it was a composit?
I would prefer where possible to be the talented photographer who did it for real. I think Sasha made the best business decision.

Though I do feel composite has a legitimate place in the industry.

Philipp Blum's picture

My heart skipped a beat when he (the photographer) walked into the water.. and kept walking, and walking :p

Hello Nicholas! Nice choice of website colors! ( we fly the same colors! ) Did you build your site with Flash Catalyst by chance? Either way nice site! I did spot a powerpack in the woman with knife shot! haha!
Be well... stay in touch!?