BTS Video of Incredible Maternity Shoot by Simeon Quarrie

Here at Fstoppers we have featured the fascinating talent of Simeon Quarrie before as he takes what could be an ordinary shoot and turns it into the extraordinary. Back in July we featured his behind the scenes video of a pre-wedding shoot staged in the rain and in May we shared with you how he goes above and beyond to put together a finished video product the same day that the clients can watch during the wedding reception. Today, I was fascinated yet again while watching the behind the scenes video of Simeon on a maternity shoot.

Simeon decribes the shoot in his own words. "After having a brainstorm with new team member Marta, I settled on the theme, 'A day in the life of a pregnant couple'. We decided to use a studio due to the space and flexibility that we required. I needed a studio that could be transformed into a home environment. We would also needed to simulate different times of day. The studio we chose had blinds to reduce the light, though I decided instead to use high powered strobes and under expose the ambient natural light."

Because the shoot took place in a studio rather than a house the team had to get creative with some props including making a bed. "One scene that I wanted to create was a bedroom scene. Naturally we didn't bring a bed to the shoot as it would involved hiring a van. Instead we decided to build one out of poly boards. These are normally used as flags to block or bounce light." On another scene one of the assistants actually stuffed a pillow up her shirt in order to sit in as a student during a pregnancy breathing class.

His concepts are remarkable, his execution flawless. In the last couple minutes of the video you can see the photos from the shoot. From studying the video it appears that Simeon is shooting with a Canon 5D Mark II and using a ProFoto Air System to trigger a series of ProFoto lighting setups. Thanks Simeon for yet another great behind the scenes video we could share with our readers here on Fstoppers.

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K H's picture

Great stuff from Simeon. You can tell in all of his videos how much effort he puts into giving his clients the very best photos.

Marios Forsos's picture

I get the concept and everything, I must admit however I'm not too thrilled with the end result - they seem a bit too plastic for me.  It's more the stuff I'd expect from IKEA or something.  Still, good video...

I agree with Marios the end result could be a lot better. For example in some of the shots he could have gone with natural light but didn't . In the set with the fragile tape you can see that he photoshopped the sky in one while the rest were left grey . I feel he doesn't really have a grasp on lighting because it looked flat in most of the photos. I did however like the bedroom set that was the best lit out of the whole shoot.

Simeon Quarrie's picture

Howdy Andrew. No photoshop here. I wanted to expose for the sky and then use strobes to light the scene for the fragile tape shot. I just changed ambient exposure for a couple of the shots. I am with you though, my favourite is the bedroom scene. 

Yes I do think it was wonderful the bedroom shots and I check out your wedding vid fantastic stuff man. Good thing nothing happened to that laptop.

Dafydd Owen's picture

I think that studio is at the end of the road where I work! Have sometimes seen massive flashes coming from there.

Less keen on this one compared to the pre-wedding video.

Dafydd Owen's picture

My mistake - different one. Studio website if anybody's interested :

Drew Morris's picture

meh, nothing really impressive to me in those shots.

Spencer Brawn's picture

Neat, but meaningless. Why not do something like this as the clients home where they live? At least that has more context! 

Simeon Quarrie's picture

I think I have been 'set up with' the "incredible" word in the title ;) - but i will take the feedback and step it up! Thanks all

The best part of the video is seeing the effort that Simeon and his crew put forth to give the couple a great experience. I believe that is as important to the couple as the finished images (which I'll bet they love). 

writersbloc's picture

Concepts are fun, great take on a genre I usually can't stand, but for all that effort and budget, I don't love the final product. 

Michael Kormos's picture

Anyone else's comments not showing up?

Ero's picture

So much effort, so much assistants, so much gear, and result is just very ordinary and without "soul"... too much acting, no real moments captured, learn to find "moments between moments", that will lift your photography, now I see only good marketing, not good photoraphy. Hoped for some "WOW" when saw the title of BTS. Yes, shoot was incredible, but result... this time sorry... 

Joseph Nienstedt's picture

I find this very inspiring - instead of doing the same Pinterest fodder that is so popular these days,  telling a story is such a breath of fresh air. This is exactly what I think will resonate later on in the customer's life, not some pretty shallow depth of field shots of baby blocks on a belly.

Tim Krueger's picture

Simeon once again kills it and  again the critical photographers, who I am sure have not done a BTS video yet, are chiming in.  

Evan Bourcier's picture

I think it's awesome, don't let the haters get to you Simeon! Also: Need any american help with any upcoming shoots? I can be on a plane tomorrow :P

Jay Hoque's picture

I echo Joseph, Tim and Evan's comments. 

I don't understand what all the negative critique is about.

The simple fact that Simeon deliberately takes an ordinary shoot and does something different is inspiring to say the least. 
And I have a lot of respect for him for allowing people in and letting us see what he and his team do behind the scenes. People should chill out, go have beer.

Or go out there and produce better results. :-)

Sanjay D Gohil's picture

I love it Sim! Well done to all involved, its something different and thats why it ROCKS! 

Keep it up bro and I look forward to working with you in November! :) 

As Jay said ' People should chill out, go have a beer'

Sailesh Makwana's picture

Brilliant Video Simeon. Unlike some people, you allow everyone to see what goes on behind the scene and the effort put in. The final results are brilliant. Having seen you work and worked alongside you, I know you don't "add" anything in that isn't supposedly there. 
Final end product and I'm pretty darn sure the client thinks so too!

Keep it up bro!

Keep Calm. Have a Beer!

Rashmi Gill Vividclicks's picture

Yet another fantastic shoot Simeon! I've said it already and I'll say it again ... I love it! The thought process and planning is always key to any shoot and you can see (yet again) the effort put into this and the concept! Hey, it might not be for everyone and some might not even understand it but look, it's got people talking ... isn't that what art is all about!? :o)