Chase Jarvis Shares His Inspirational Photography Journey

Go behind the scenes in this video by Outside TV featuring Chase Jarvis to learn what motivates him and makes him tick. 

Chase Jarvis was someone whom I looked up to pretty quickly once I first got into photography. His name would pop up again and again in search results, and I'd scour over his video tutorials, behind-the-scenes, and Creative Live videos. I loved (and still do love) his entrepreneurial approach to the industry and his creative mind. 

One thing that stuck out to me in this video and something I didn't previously know about Jarvis was the fact that he essentially began his career as a ski bum. For me, this is awesome because I'm currently in the same boat with similar ambitions. I'm not in Colorado, but I am in Montana pursuing the same lifestyle and opportunity that he seemed to have pursued in his early years. Hearing that Jarvis has similar roots to myself was really inspiring and motivating, and hopefully you can find inspiration in that idea, too. 

Another aspect I love about Jarvis' photography career story is that his dreams kept getting bigger as he got older and learned more about the craft, but he also kept those same dreams loose. They evolved over time with his changing life and grew with his insights and knowledge. I think this idea is important in a creative industry like photography, where there is really no set path or proper rules to "making it." I think it's awesome to have a dream and do what you can and meet who you can to help pursue it.

Overall, this video was really inspiring to watch and hopefully you get as much motivation from it as I did. 

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