Chase Jarvis Explains Why Creating and Sharing Your Photos Is Only Half the Work

In this episode of Chase Jarvis RAW, a fired up Jarvis goes off on a thoughtful stream of consciousness and details why so many photographers or filmmakers might not see the engagement they are looking for with their work. To him, it's because they likely stop working once the content has been created and shared, and they don't go on to interact with their community or audience. What's the trick to doing that? Check out the video for some very real suggestions on how.

If you're not familiar with Chase Jarvis RAW, it's a recurring video series on YouTube where Jarvis shares tips on things like productivity, answers frequently asked questions, and in general provides what I'd consider to be a diet of inspirational content to feed your creative hunger. Check out this playlist of previous episodes, they are well worth the watch.

So back to the video above. What's the other 50% you ask? As Jarvis explains, it's about creating community by putting in the work to do so. Your art likely isn't going to take off on its own. Here are a few key takeaways:

  • Participate in the system to help give legs to your name and work.

  • Get together with people at conferences, events, creative events locally or even regionally.

  • Actively engage in forums, blog posts, comment threads, etc.

  • The people you follow have been doing the above for years, and that's why they have huge followings.

  • You can't sit back when you put your work out there.

  • Play the long game. Be patient and know it takes time.

So what about you? What's your take on playing the long game or being consistent about building community? Leave a comment below.

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Dusty Wooddell's picture

Love that you wrote this up... and that he filmed it. Chase Jarvis has always been one of my favorite photographers, and not entirely because of his images, but that he's as real as he is. This is a great little piece of wisdom

Bryan York's picture

So well said! Excellent! Thanks Chase! I needed to be reminded of that. Especially, being patient. Thanks for being real with this!

Phuket Photographer's picture

nice video. thank you for sharing!