Conceptual Photography Master Reveals How It's Done Behind the Scenes

Last summer, Conceptual Photographer Erik Johansson spent a calm, pleasant evening shooting his charming photo project “Full Moon Service.” Almost instantly going viral as soon as it touched the Internet today, here’s a behind-the-scenes look of how it all came together from hand drawn sketch to fine art print.

According to Johansson’s website, he is known for taking his time with each and every project doing roughly six to eight new images per year. This can explain why a project from summer 2016 is just now being made public. The work is paying off though. We’ve featured several of his projects before here on Fstoppers because each one brings such a unique concept and it’s hard to not love both the incredible detail put in through compositing, but the simple and playful joy that many of them portray at face value.

© Erik Johansson

For “Full Moon Service,” Johansson brought two models, a van, a generator, rice lanterns, and lightbulbs out to the middle of Sweden and shot everything with a Hasselblad H6D–50c. After the shoot, he loaded everything into Photoshop where he did all the post-processing work himself.

You can check out more of Johansson’s work and buy prints from his website, or find him on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

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Erik's work always blows my mind. Not only is his work amazing, but I love the way he markets himself with these bts post production videos. Really cool and really inspiring

Erik Johansson... one of my true inspirations... amazing image and wonderful bts video!