A Photographer Takes Out Four of His Teeth for a Commercial Shoot

Commercial shoots and photography can be quite demanding and even taxing on the body. But when I started out this art, I would have never thought it could go as far as taking out four of teeth out to create an advertising image. Well, that’s what Blair Bunting was willing to do for a campaign he shot for Discovery’s Deadliest Catch.

Bunting is an advertising photographer who’s worked with renowned brands such as Muscle Milk or Chevrolet. People tend to believe that someone at the top of his industry would have an easier life and wouldn’t go the extra mile for his work. While that may be true for some - even though I highly doubt it –, it’s far from being the case with this Hasselblad ambassador.

When Discovery approached him to shoot an ad for the Deadliest Catch, one of the concepts was to have a hook crushing a sailor’s face. To make it believable, there would have to be teeth flying. Because Bunting wanted to have the closest possible prop to the real thing, he decided to have his wisdom teeth removal appointment moved up to match the shooting schedule. Don’t think for a second it was to remove the pain before the shoot though. It was purely to have his teeth to composite them later in post-production.

Unfortunately, the shot was never used as the campaign took place a few days before the passing of Captain Phil and Discovery decided to pull the plug. They didn’t want to release violent images that could hurt their brand.

To see the final image and read the detailed article written by Blair Bunting, be sure to visit his website.

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Dallas Dahms's picture

Click bait. Without it sites like this one wouldn't earn any money.

Elan Govan's picture

My wife watches deadliest catch obsessively. For a minute, i thought he is going to do it for real while at sea...bit of authentic photo shot etc...but in a studio....bit of a let down after all the hype.

Your headline is factually incorrect, "A Photographer Takes Out Four of His Teeth for a Commercial Shoot". He was going to have his wisdom teeth removed anyway, thus, "appointment moved up..." And really? I know that this is a business, but really?

michael buehrle's picture

another lousy article. maybe it was shot on an iPhone.

Daniel Shortt's picture

No Photoshop in this photo

Anonymous's picture

Stupid is as stupid does

Christos Dikos's picture

With a title like that, Fstoppers was the one fishing.

make a fake teeth take something like 5 minutes....

Sorry, calling B.S. on this headline - you got me to read this time, but in the future I won't click twice on your byline. Also, "worked with renowned brands such as Muscle Milk or Chevrolet." Which was it, MM or Chevy?

Biju Toha's picture

I'm just guessing like that. Photographer with Photoshop.