Concert Photographer POV Shoot

Jared Polin of recently shot a concert for Macklemore of Thrift Shop Fame. Jared shot the concert with a GoPro strapped to his Canon 1D X so you could really get a feel for what a photographer does first person. Commentary was recorded over the video so you can hear what he was thinking while he was shooting.

Jared used two lenses during the shoot, the Canon 24-70 2.8II and the 70-200 2.8II. Jared captured 240 images during this 3 song set, which is more then he normally captures but Mack was all over the place.

Check on the full article here.

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bayek's picture

It's a shame that this business has chanaged so much. The idea of having to shoot only first 3 songs is fundamentally stupid.

Jason Vinson's picture

especially since most bands always save the best for last!

Ariel Martini's picture

i agree but in this case the singer gave all he could on this 3 first songs. almost 15 minutes, more than enough.

Brian Reese's picture

Who is Mackelmore?

jaimedpablos's picture

how can you do that with the go pro?

Jayson Carey's picture

hot-shoe to 1/4-20 adapter, 3/4" 1/4-20 stud, gopro tripod adapter. if not changing lenses, you can flip the tripod ring of the 70-200 and just use the stud/tripod adapter.

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Not sure I would bring a bag only to leave it open during the show. He comments about not having two bodies, but if this is what you do and get paid, maybe it's time to start saving for a second body. I know he was given the rentals, but i am not very happy of how he handles his gear. I like fro, but c'mon..

Jayson Carey's picture

he said that this was a test of a rented 1dx/lenses, and that he left all of his own gear at home, so the "saving up for two bodies" idea is moot. i don't see your point about how he handles his gear, either. pro equipment is not made of eggshells, it's built to take a fair beating. Anyway, it's not like he's throwing it in a cardboard box full of rocks and ball bearings, I see him standing next to a padded bag and not going more than 5 feet away. He even takes the time to replace the rear caps on the lenses during a busy shoot.

FroKnowsNothing's picture

Jared Polin is a mediocre photographer.. his images were bland and boring... and hell, the guy can't even post-process with any form or creative originality. Sorry dude.

Andrew Gregg's picture

art is personal opinion.

Logan Sorenson's picture

You're a sad little hater...

FroKnowsNothing's picture

Sorry Logan, but I have my opinion and it's a shame you're so in love with this guy (why? I will never know) to the point that you're oblivious to how much of a joke he is in the world of photography.

Logan Sorenson's picture

Not in love with in the slightest. I think that destructive criticism serves no one. Let alone designating a title dedicated to tearing down someone else.

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Brian Bray's picture

Yes spam.

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horribly big watermark on your site.

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It seemed to me like he missed a couple killer images and took ones at times I personally wold not have.... and when that fur coat was handed up instead of turning around and taking the picture of it being handed to him (seeing as fur jackets and crazy clothes kinda define Mackelomores look...) He decided as he said in the video "why not be seen..." and puts his camera down and hands him the jacket.... lol I dont get it are you a photographer or a performer?

louisleblanc's picture

Meh, I don't think it would have been a very good shot, either some random photographers holding a fur coat or Macklemore crouching to grab the coat and would probably have been stuck between the tree background and the stage background, he also had the 70-200mm at the point, possibly to tight for how close the subject was. I guess part of the idea of "why not be seen..." was that if he got a contact with him he had a chance of getting something back like eye-contact later on.

Anyways, it's easy to go on discussing something that happens in less than a second...

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FroKnowsNothing's picture

why are you so defensive over this guy? Seriously, you handle criticism as poorly as Jared Polin does..

matt's picture

Your fro must be annoying for the people behind you ;)

Thomas Shue's picture

I am not to impressed with JP's skills. He complains a lot.

FroKnowsNothing's picture

That's his style.. he likes to complain a lot and his fans listen and agree with him (mainly because they are newbies into the photo game, which he exploits to sell t-shirts to... but what really bugs me is that he basically tells them what is a good image and what isn't, and how images should be processed... they guy lacks so much creativity and post-processing skills it appals me that he has such a high following.. but it makes sense since they don't know any better.)

Logan Sorenson's picture

I say... Thomas Shue and the very rudely named FroKnowsNothing...
Have no room to talk, skills and presentation opinions aside, it takes a lot of guts to mount a camera on and show the public a side of your self that is unedited, one angle, showing what you are doing in a small time frame and high stress environment.
Jared maybe seems to complain a lot to you, but maybe... And as I see it, he is slightly defending himself in some aspects... We ALL do this, there are shots and or jobs or situations where in hindsight second guessing and undercuts happen. Showing a behind the scenes look at this type of creative process and sharing it with complete strangers (in order to HELP them)... This is a (pun not intended) exposed and vulnerable look into Jared's own process.
Let's see you make a sight, start from very little, make videos and try to make them entertaining in the effort to help newbies, people with questions and prosumer individuals... Then get lots of attention, stress of keeping the pace up, making the content better and then deal with such quick judgeing comments like these.
I saw respect others efforts and appreciate their work if you can, learn from them and stop bad mouthing professionals that you don't like their personal style.
... I doubt Polin would "like" your style either, I doubt you would like mine, we all have different tastes and techniques... And thanks for that! Because if we didn't we would all be capturing the same images!

Jurriaan Hodzelmans's picture

Adam Elmakias has done that for the last year!

Philipp Blum's picture
Philipp Blum's picture

It's quite cool with his comments but... difficult to shoot? You have daylight - could be worse man

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Yea, try shooting in Glasgow barrowlands where its super dark.. the pit is small and filled with security and metal beams all while dodging flying pints and shooting with an older apc's that sucked for low light focus (old k10d) and a usable high iso limit of around 400.

That gig Fro was shooting didn't look difficult at all, plenty of light and high end camera with fast focus lens.. just about everything was going right.

Erik Tande's picture

"...which is more then he normally captures..."

Rob Loud's picture

Miss so much switching lenses. I get the not his normal gear. And leave the bag at home, makes you more mobile. Festival have become a disaster to shoot. Way too many photogs in the pit. Cool idea, poor show choice.

Rod's picture

Fro spends a lot of time taking photos, he has some experience, won't argue. But looking at his photos, I don't see anything above average. The photos are "OK", but most amateur photographers makes "OK" photos. As someone else here said - he lacks some creativity and post-processing skills.

FroKnowsNothing's picture

That's why he makes money selling t-shirts and not shooting asides from for fun for his youtube viewers.

Mansgame's picture

And why he only focuses on beginners who know little. It's sort of the Ken Rockwell model. Two peas in a pod.

Artur Rdułtowski's picture

This is actually the worst workflow in concert I've ever seen - especially with such gear. I mean he wasn't any better than that guy with iphone. There was tons of great shots - for example the one with water - Macklemore was splitting it in completly other directon and Jared was afraid. Other shots he missed just because he doesn't know what picture he wants to get and how to frame. All he has done there is blind shooting, and random changin lenses hoping that maybe heu ll be lucky and get something.

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Gaspar Giordano's picture

I agree with most of what has been said (not the best photo picks, too much complaining, not the most creative edits, etc.) but what catched my attention is that, besides one photo of the guy in the blue suit, he only took photos of the frontman. Is this normal? I'm not very experienced on concert photography, I've just shoot a couple of gigs but on all of them I've been sure to include all the members of the band.

Andrew Gregg's picture

from what I know, there isn't any money to be made from shooting backup members of the band. although interesting, there just isn't anything there he can make money with.

Daniel Pryce's picture

I grab maybe one or 2 shots of all the band members, but publications (if you shoot for them, I do) don't care, you need shots that sell/get attention.

Elliot McGucken's picture

here's a better way to shoot stills & video @ the same time with a Sony NEX & F/1.8 50mm lens mounted under a Nikon D800E & 70-200mm f/2.8 lens so the lens doesn't get in the way of the video: and too, you can get cool bokeh/shallow depth of field in the video. the hd gorpro's wide angle is a bit too wide for shooting models and especially sports. :)

Mansgame's picture

The whole "Fro" schtick was fun at first with the sniff tests and such, but his photography is average at best and his videos have not evolved since he started. His videos now focus on the super beginners where he can give generic advice so he can feel important without challenging himself. I suppose he's doing well for himself but I can't take a grown man seriously when he has a giant afro and I can't take a photographer seriously when they don't know how to use lights or care about the technical side of photography.

With this video, it basically says that if you have access to the pit, you can take ok pictures.