Danylö Böbyk Makes His Models Float

Photographer Danylö Böbyk made this great video about how he made his models float in his recent image "Fly-Away". This video is a little light on details so if you're interested in getting an in depth look at how the image was created, check out his blog post on the shoot HERE.

Check out more of Danylo's work HERE.










From Nick:

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Do I correctly understand that photographer using 3 flash (speedlite) for their light setup?
And which model of softbox is using?

Matt Devlin's picture

He has an elinchrom quadra in a rotalux deep throat octa (left) and the other quadra (right) just with the reflector and the speedlite (middle) you can see in the umbrella. Oh and the octa has no diffusion panel so it will act like a harder light.

Danylö Böbyk's picture

@google-36567abacbbc754ac657ee8446350bde:disqus , I put the details of the setup on my blog post (I attached the image to comment); basically, it's a 4 light setup: Deep Octa 1m as main light + 580EXII/Umbrella as fill + 2 rim lights: EL Quadra w/ original diffusion reflector + and a LumoPro LP160 on the other side (it's not seen in the setup shot). As @Matt Devlin mentioned, I removed the front diffusion panel but did keep the seconddifusion panel that's inside the octa. Hope that makes sense.

Similar shoot I did 7 months ago - https://vimeo.com/29657972