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Explore Montana With Photographer Max Lowe

I recently moved to Bozeman, Montana and was looking for photographic inspiration in my new home. Check out this video featuring photographer Max Lowe to see the beauty Montana has to offer.

Lowe is the son of the late and world-renowned mountaineer Alex Lowe. Alex Lowe's love for mountains and nature was clearly passed down to his son as seen in this video. Alex's son started his photography career with a Young Explorer's Grant from National Geographic in 2012, then became a photo assistant on Everest. Since then, he has fine-tuned the art of storytelling and has shot and produced award-winning films that have been screened at Cannes, Tribeca Film Festival, and Indie Shorts Film Festival. "It's an amazing privilege to be able to do something that you love as your profession," Lowe said.

One thing I've noticed since moving to Montana, and something that's highlighted in this video, is how wide open the landscape is and the way the light interacts with nature. The vast landscapes are often painted with speckled light which can make for unique and interesting imagery (and is definitely a reason to visit this state if you're a travel or landscape photographer!). 

Whether you live in Montana, want to visit, or simply wish to explore your own backyard, Lowe does a great job in this video reminding us how special our own homes can be, and how we shouldn't take these places for granted. 

Watch the above video to see Lowe's full take on his hometown.

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