[Gear] The Pursuit Camera Car

So this is really just a promo that Mercedes put out, but it has a lot of information on how filmmakers shoot those insane camera moves you see in car ads. The rig on top of that Mercedes is incredible, and considering they are doing these crazy moves while the camera is going fairly fast, it really makes you appreciate the car ads you see on TV.







From Nick:

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Michael Dixon-Brooks's picture

Pretty cool. The studio I used to work at uses tracking rigs for car shoots where the rig is on the car being shot, but this pursuit car thing looks great.

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Pursuit uses Cayenne's - 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBHplQo3208, and I know Top Gear uses Land Rovers. I wonder who the target audience is? Car guys? Camera guys? Either/or, we know that MB is just a player in the scene and not the the end all, be all...

Prolly one of the best BTS I have seen in a while!

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Fantastic piece of work. I saw the Pursuit guys (I believe) in downtown LA. We were driving up to our hotel before the Rose Bowl and were wondering why traffic was stopped, and speeding by comes a Kia sports car trailed by, and then passed by, the Mercedes camera crane. The streets were wet but the sun was out, and within 15 minutes, everything was dry again. It was fantastic to watch.

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someone on ebay was selling this same rig for cars for like $700,000 unreal

How the heck did they film the commercial where the guy is sliding sideways and the shot goes through one window and out the other with no cuts?

wow, who cares about the 350, I want to see more about that AMG :)


very cool. @FS always impressed with the content you share. 

Clever BTS-Ad... They advertise the fact that they shoot extreme footage of a Merc, with an extreme version of a merc...

Merc-ception if you will... 

Very sweet job!

Yo dawg, I heard you like Mercedes ads so I put a Mercedes ad in your Mercedes ad, so you can watch a Mercedes ad while you watch a Mercedes ad.

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I saw BMW shooting a commercial on Sumter Street in Columbia, South Carolina. I couldn't identify the logo on the grill of the camera car; BMW had everything blacked out in the video of WLTX.

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 Looks like an older model Mercedes ML to me...

I use the MB Pursuit car a bunch, but I have to say it has nothing on the Porsche Cayenne Turbo Pursuit.