iPhone Only Photography Re-touching Tips From David Molnar

Being an avid iPhone shooter myself, I'm always looking for more ways to make my images better without adding the computer to the process. In this quick video tutorial, David Molnar shows you how to use the app TouchReTouch to clone out distracting spots in your iPhone and Android phone photos.

David Molnar is a highly successful Music and Advertising Photographer from Nashville and is in the process of completing his first book: "iPhone Only Photography". If you want early access to the book, and tips right in your email inbox I would suggest you sign up for his VIP mailing list here.

The $0.99 TouchReTouch app can be found here:   APPLE    |    ANDROID

There are also free versions of the app in the stores.

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David Molnar is the bomb.

Thanks buddy! Stoked to be on here!

Also thanks for the follow David! Really appreciate it man. We will have to connect sometime, not too far from eachother!

I would love that! Send me an email me. I have some ideas! david at davidmolnar.com

Thanks for featuring this post from my latest Newsletter Matt Kennedy and FStoppers! I hope people find it useful. It was frustrating me for a years knowing that I couldn't ever perfect an #iPhoneOnlyPhoto that I've crafted because there was an annoying distraction. Now you can! Can't wait to teach people all about this stuff in my upcoming book that releases soon.

This is a really slick app. I have heard about it before but never actually used it. I have always used Blender which is a real half ass way of doing something but in a pinch or while on a long commute or something I can take out a small thing like that. Really nice though dude, will have to check out out. Well worth a buck!

Awesome! Glad it helped :) Enjoying your insta posts!

Great tips. If you want a pretty robust tool for retouching images all within the iPhone, check out Filterstorm. Filterstorm is truly a lightroom equivalent with features like curves, layers, edit history, metadata management, power masks, etc.

Yeah, filterstorm is great too!

This app has been pretty much replaced with Handy Photo (from the same dev).

really? I'll have to check it out :)

Awesome! This so cool!


Great video and thanks for sharring.
One question what prograpm did you use to record this video?

Thanks Josiah! I used Reflector to airplay my phone, and snagit to record the screencast.