It’s Ok to Not Always Feel Ok

The creative industry is a tough one. We are absolutely passionate about what we do, which is different to most jobs out there. I mean, the jobs might be good, be interesting and satisfactory, but the running of your own photography or visual arts business has entrepreneurship, art, traveling, meeting other creative industry types, and the process of making something creative all combined into one job that you consistently spend time on building out, learning, and growing.

But some days are not like others, and because our work is all created by ourselves, we feel guilty on the days we don’t feel like working or doing anything. And this video is there to make you think about how you don’t have to feel enthusiastic or energized every day and how it’s ok to feel less inspired every now and then. But, if you have to finish a project or if you are on deadline, the best way to direct your mind to a more positive space would be to just get started.

Another important aspect to note is that you wouldn’t know what a good day is if you didn’t have bad days every once in a while.

Dan is a director in South Africa, but also has a YouTube subscription rate that definitely gives him full-time professional YouTuber status.

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Charles Mercier's picture

Geez, he's got a beautiful gf, a brand new huge space for his work and doesn't seem to be hurting for money and he kept going on that he was tired and feeling bleah! I stopped after 7 and a half minutes.