Life Time Fitness Behind The Scenes

Go behind the scenes with Matt Hawthorne in his photo shoot with Lifetime Fitness. I wish the video was a little more informative but throughout the video you can check out some of the lighting setups. I found it pretty interesting that in a couple shots he uses mirrors and bare profotos. With work this high quality you can see that there is a lot of effort that goes into it, with big production teams and trucks full of equipment. Matt is definitely one of my favorite commercial photographers and you should check out his work. Matt

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Douglas Sonders's picture

you know what I liked about his shoot, aside from all of the stylists and production and techs, you break down the lighting and it was in essence straightforward and simple in theory BUT he applied his lighting ratios, location choices, background, and post production SO WELL. pretty great. good job Matt

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Looks like such a fun shoot.

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I was actually super impressed with the photos and how they didn't look too edgy. I think when I saw a few previews on the computer it struck me immediately as Dustin Snipes-esque, especially the boxing, but the images translated well to a less harsh style that works in this situation. Really cool lighting too.

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whats up with the holiday monster trucks?? All fits well in a mini-van lol!
Nice photo's though.. 

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Santigold - Disparate Youth

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I think your right on the money there Douglas, his pre-production in this shoot really sets it out from other photographers I've seen. All that planning ads to his brand and style of work he produces. I've seen a heap of photographers in the states shoot this kind of work but his stands out. His post production is also amazing, using certain colour pallets and colour separation really brings even more to the finished images. Concrete, skin, sky and clothes are all separated with no bleed..I'm glad I've been following him for some years now.

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I agree on the post production side - a really nice look...

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Every time I go to the gym I look at these shots and study the lighting. Sad but true. It was great seeing the behind the scenes take on it. Amazing work!

It really looks Nike style pictures :). Like it alot! Great prep, nice crew and awesome finished photo's.